Bug Labs Enables Rapid M2M Innovation and Development on the Axeda Platform With New Remote Monitoring Kit

Bug Labs’ M2M Remote Monitoring Kit Provides Fast Track to Launching Connected Services Businesses

From the Axeda Connexion 2011 Conference, Bug Labs today announced a new M2M (machine-to-machine) Remote Monitoring Kit that offers businesses a convenient and powerful platform to innovate in the M2M space.

Product developers and software engineers are now able to leverage the power and flexibility of open hardware and Axeda’s M2M cloud platform to prototype, pilot and deploy connected systems faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

The M2M Remote Monitoring Kit comes equipped with Axeda inside and supports up to four serial devices that connect wirelessly to a Bug System gateway. 3G wireless options are also available as an add-on for truly wireless connectivity.

Starting a connected services business can be a tremendous undertaking in terms of time, capital and commitment, as anyone who’s tried can tell you. It takes a lot to find and pull together the right platforms, hardware and partners to take ideas to production,” said Michael de Senna, director of sales and business development at Bug Labs. “Innovating in hardware shouldn’t be this hard. So that’s why Bug Labs and Axeda have teamed up to squeeze uncertainty and complexity out of this process. With the M2M Remote Monitoring Kit, businesses and M2M entrepreneurs now have access to an easy and defined way to explore, innovate and seize opportunities within this rapidly-growing space.

Bug Labs’ products and professional services are designed to give companies the tools and support needed to prototype, pilot and produce innovative networked devices with ease. The Company’s Bug System consists of hardware, software and cloud-based solutions that can be readily combined and re-configured to enable immediate product experimentation and rapid prototyping.

Once functionality has been proven, Bug Labs can add value with its design, integration, branding, proof-of-market, and production support services. As a result, enterprise users are able to significantly reduce the risks, costs and time to market associated with bringing custom wireless systems to market.

Axeda and Bug Labs share a philosophy that flexibility and power are the keys to a successful M2M solution,” said Joe Biron, Axeda’s senior director of product innovation. “This collaborative effort blends two world-class products into one cohesive kit, allowing customers to start innovating on day one with a clear path to high-scale, secure, production-ready success.

Axeda provides customers with a cloud platform to rapidly and cost-effectively build and deploy M2M applications, connected to any product, over any network. The Axeda platform is uniquely qualified to handle the complex requirements for successful M2M solutions, such as managing multiple types of connections and assets, processing massive amounts of unstructured data, and providing enterprise grade scalability and security.

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