Cinterion’s M2M World eToll Video Selected as Finalist in ERTICO ITS European Congress Awards

Cinterion, the global leader in cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) communication modules and a Gemalto company, announced today that its M2M World video showcasing eToll solutions has been selected as one of three finalists for the best video of the year to be selected at the ERTICO 20th anniversary celebration here tonight.

ERTICO (Europe’s Intelligent Transportation System – ITS – professional organization) launched a video competition to showcase the potential and need of ITS to improve our roads and lifestyles with fewer accidents, injuries and fatalities; less congestion; as well as cleaner and more comfortable mobility.

Fifty videos were submitted and Cinterion’s M2M World eTolling piece was selected as one of the top three based on average scores, making it a finalist for the best video of the year. The winning video will be presented and celebrated during the closing ceremony of the 8th ITS European Congress to take place on June 9.

“We’re proud to be selected as a finalist for one of the best videos of the year,” said Marcel Visser, Cinterion VP of automotive. “At Cinterion, we’ve been pursuing innovative ITS technology solutions for the past decade but we’ve also been seeking compelling ways to communicate the transformative nature of these solutions to a global audience. We created these videos in Cinterion M2M World for just this purpose.”

In Cinterion’s eTolling video, we see that toll roads are a part of everyday life. Stopping at multiple toll points can greatly affect the overall schedule (and bottom line), however, and staffing toll roads is often cost prohibitive. With eTolling, less road infrastructure is needed and roads and highways keep moving. Using a Cinterion module and a SIM card, when a truck passes the begin of highway sign, data is automatically transferred from the on-board unit to the central server And Cinterion’s superior modules help ensure data delivery is quick and seamless, with no interruptions in service.

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