Novatel Wireless Selected by POM for New Wireless Credit Card Parking Meter Module

Novatel Wireless, Inc., today announces that Enfora, Inc., a Novatel Wireless company, has been selected by POM Inc. to supply wireless modules and services for POM’s new Parktel™ Credit Card Parking Meter Module.

The Parktel Credit Card Parking Meter Module is designed to provide an easy upgrade to the existing APM-E SII coin-only meters. The modular approach used for the wireless card reader allows for retrofits to housings and domes already installed and are integrated aesthetically into the existing coin-only meter system, affording the simplest, most flexible, cost-effective and thus easy-to-use standard meter on the market today.  No installation of new meter domes or coin boxes is required. The Parktel equipped meter has the same trusted, tamper-proof housing used on the current meters.

The Parktel Credit Card Parking Meter Module is a wireless solution that is built on a tightly integrated Enfora module.  The solution implemented is part of the Enfora’s N4A Intelligent Device offering which features superior performance in a small form factor with ultimate flexibility. Coupled with communications and management platforms, the devices can be provisioned, monitored and reconfigured remotely, anywhere, anytime.

Enfora has been playing an integral part in the development and commercialization of POM’s new wireless and secure Parktel Credit Card Parking Meter module,” said Terry Henderson, Marketing Manager for POM Inc.

We’re excited to be working with POM and helping them bring this visionary approach to the market,” said Rob Hadley, CMO of Novatel Wireless. “With POM’s long history as a leading supplier of parking meters and their vast installed base of trusted and tamper-proof parking meters, adding credit card capabilities via a compact and secure module is proving to provide a key competitive advantage and be a very cost-effective and simple way to upgrade and manage credit card payments.

The new secure wireless transaction capability is provided together with the ability to manage the meters remotely via a simple web-based tool. This will provide a cost-efficient and easy-to-manage wireless solution providing real-time card processing and reporting.

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