StarChip Introduces Its SCM Family of SIM Controllers Addressing the M2M Markets

StarChip®, today announced the availability of its new SCM family of secure SIM controllers addressing M2M markets.

The SCM controller family is based on Cortus APS3s 32-bit core enabling 20Mips@20MHz across an extended range of temperatures (-40°C to +105°C). A powerful combination of flexibility and extended performance with large data retention (>25years) and best-in-class endurance (up to 2 billion cycles) have been implemented to deliver a robust design suitable for harsh environments.

SCM members (SCM320G and SCM288G) are fully flash-based, code and data with SST SuperFlash® enhanced by E3 (ECUBE) proprietary mechanisms. Both devices are available in VQFN8 package compliant to ETSI TS 102 671 or can be delivered in tested sawn dice on frame.

Extended characterization and production tests have been executed to guaranty the extreme requirements encountered in various applications (Metering, Health Care, Industrial, Payment, Security, Maintenance, Computing.…) As a result the SCM controller family is fully qualified to address the M2M markets with strong differentiators:

– Endurance: Best-in-class endurance with up to 2 billion cycles.

– Temperature range: SCM controllers operate in an extended range (-40°C to +105°C)

– Data Retention: Data retention is guaranteed on SCM family for more than 25 years.

All together those parameters bring best-in-class reliability to provide optimal operation whatever application the system is used in.

The StarChip SCM SIM controller family for M2M markets is the logical step following the introduction of our SCF SIM controller’s family. Thanks to E3 (ECUBE) proprietary mechanisms to enhance endurance, our in-house experience together with strong characterization and qualification tests, the SCM family will bring outstanding characteristics to customers dealing with this fast growing market” said Christian Dupuy, COO of StarChip.

We are delighted with the growing market acceptance of our new generation Superflash® technology, for these types of high endurance applications. With the added benefit of Starchip E3 (ECUBE) Endurance Engine, it offers an unbeatable platform for OEMs in the M2M industry” said Chris Brown, European Manager of IP & Technology Licensing of SST.


The SCM320G is sampling now and will be delivered in Mass production in October 2011 in VQN8 package, wafer form or sawn dice on frame.

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