Option’s wireless embedded modules now certified by AT&T

Five embedded modules, including small LGA, enable 3G connectivity for today and tomorrow’s mobile devices

Option, the wireless technology company, today announced the data certification of wireless embedded modules designed for a wide variety of mobile devices including tablets, consumer electronic devices, netbooks, routers and notebooks. They are also a perfect fit for a wide range of high bandwidth M2M applications such as digital signage, automotive, security cameras, and more.

The certification of these embedded modules will help manufacturers and developers get to market more quickly with new 3G connected devices or M2M applications on AT&T, the nation’s fastest mobile broadband network.

For Option, the certifications represent another milestone for the company and demonstrate Option’s experience and expertise in bringing trusted embedded solutions to market.

The five wireless embedded modules include:

  • The GTM601: an ultra-thin, second-generation, 3G LGA module specifically designed for integration in small consumer electronics devices and/or broadband M2M applications.
  • The GTM661 (3G) and the GTM671 (3G and Wi-Fi): half size PCIe minicards, perfectly suited for integration into devices such as tablets, netbooks and routers where space is very limited.
  • The GTM681 and GTM689: full size PCIe minicards, Option’s version of the industry leading Gobi 3000, mainly used in notebooks.

Beyond the portfolio of embedded modules, Option’s 25 years of experience helps manufacturers and developers integrate, test and certify devices, thus getting them to market more quickly.

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