RF Monolithics Completes Distribution Partnership with Future Electronics

Dallas, Texas-based RF Monolithics, Inc. (RFM)., a provider of M2M and wireless communications-enabling technology, yesterday announced it has signed a worldwide franchise distribution agreement with Canada-based Future Electronics, an innovator in the distribution and marketing of electronic components.

Per the agreement, Future Electronics will provide global sales, design support and fulfillment services for RFM-certified RF modules, short-range IC radios, and RF components products.

RFM’s technologies and components can be integrated into a wide variety of common M2M and communications applications, which expands Future Electronics’ market reach.

RFM’s extensive product portfolio targets the burgeoning demand for RF products in the M2M industry that consume very little power and are highly reliable. As a result, RFM’s products give Future Electronics a broader horizon of customers than ever before,” Todd Fiske, vice president of RF & Wireless Solutions for Future Electronics stated in the press release.

Many of RFM products operate in the 2.4 GHz band in a broad assortment of technologies, plus a wide range of ISM bands. Adding all these products into our product mix increases our ability to create design solutions across a wide range of applications and markets for our global customers.

Duane Covell, RFM’s director of Worldwide Distribution, noted Future Electronics’ Web platform and distribution capabilities, which make it effective at serving the small-volume market space, as well as the large production market.

As a result, RFM customers can competitively source R&D, prototyping and production quantities from the same global distributor – Future Electronics,” Covell stated.

A key benefit for RFM customers will be the use of our developer kits in the Future Electronics Tool Loaner Program during initial platform evaluation, verification and design process conducted with customers. Opportunities such as this where RFM and Future Electronics partners together to support customers are why we look forward to our relationship with Future Electronics.

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