SmartSynch and Cellular South Introduce Residential CDMA Smart Grid Solution to Utility Market

SmartSynch, Inc., a smart grid technology company utilizing standard IP communications via cellular networks, and Cellular South have introduced a residential code division multiple access (CDMA) smart grid solution to the utility market.

Utilities seeking CDMA communications support to automate their electricity grid may now access Cellular South’s leading CDMA wireless network services by leveraging SmartSynch’s IP-enabled smart grid solutions.

Whether it’s standing up to natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina or providing unmatched energy efficiencies for local utilities, Cellular South’s high-speed network is not only the most reliable network available, but also one of the most advanced,” said Hu Meena, chief executive officer for Cellular South.

Simply put, our network provides the security, bandwidth, capacity and speed for our customers to stay connected and productive at all times.

By combining a world class wireless data network, currently accommodating more than 10.9 billion text messages and M2M transactions annually, with SmartSynch’s proven smart grid solutions already deployed by more than 150 utility customers, Cellular South and SmartSynch can relieve utilities from the expense and burden of network management.

SmartSynch has been the leading provider of smart grid solutions utilizing cellular networks since the introduction of its first SmartMeter™ in 2000. SmartSynch’s smart grid solutions are fully certified to securely deliver smart grid data on Cellular South’s wireless network, enabling quicker, easier, more scalable and strategic smart meter deployments for utilities.

Cellular South is an industry leader in their support of M2M applications, and this joint solution could not come at a better time for utilities seeking a cost competitive, secure and high-bandwidth alternative to more complex, slower proprietary solutions,” said Stephen Johnston, SmartSynch’s chief executive officer.

With today’s announcement, every major cellular provider is aggressively competing in this market. Every carrier has a designated smart grid team actively responding to request for proposals from utilities. This is a very real occurrence and it’s going to alter the course of smart grid development for the good of utilities and their customers. Only cellular networks offer the bandwidth to support the smart grid applications of today and those that will inevitably surface as smart grid technology rapidly evolves.

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