Quarterwave Ltd announce high performance 2.4GHz M2M antenna for improved Bluetooth and WiFi reception

Quarterwave Ltd, the U.K based specialist of Antennas and RF cabling for M2M and Wireless Telemetry applications today announce the release of the Theta E1, a high performance 2.4GHz M2M antenna for Machine to Machine applications.

Launched to provide improvements to current signal levels achieved by factory built 2.4GHz equipment using Bluetooth, WiFi and ZigBee equipment, in embedded 2.4GHz equipment such as , the Theta E1 M2M antenna has been tested in the field and provides up to 22% stronger signal levels resulting in faster data rates and better transfer whilst roaming between networks.

Measuring just 38x6x4mm, Theta E1 is designed for internal use and is supplied with adhesive allowing fixing to the inside of enclosures – negating the need for a groundplane.

Fed with co-axial cable with either Ipex, UFL or GSC connectors, Theta E1 provides 2dB isotropic gain via its ¼ wave dipole design and is suitable for cable runs in embedded equipment of up to 900mm. Designed to be adhesive mounted inside wireless M2M or telemetry equipment, Theta E1 M2M antenna operates on a vertical polarisation and is suited for the rigorous demands of Machine to Machine (M2M) and wireless telemetry equipment which require superior performance to factory fit wireless equipment.

Graham Merry of Quarterwave Ltd comments:
Theta E1 enables systems integrators modifying or designing telemetry equipment to optimise the antenna performance in their 2.4GHz design. Theta E1 has been carefully designed as a plug and play solution to existing 2.4GHz modules with suitable connector to provide a longer working range without the need for additional matching circuitry”.

Theta E1 is available to order now from Quarterwave directly alongside other M2M antennas for embedded designs.

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