Sierra Wireless first to offer certified 4G modules on both major U.S. LTE networks

Sierra Wireless AirPrime™ MC7700 and AirPrime MC7750 embedded wireless modules granted technical approvals on major U.S. 4G LTE networks, providing OEMs a choice of network services while streamlining development efforts

Sierra Wireless today announced that the company has achieved an important milestone in its 4G LTE product development programs.

The Sierra Wireless AirPrime™ MC7700 embedded wireless module has achieved technical approval for the AT&T 4G LTE network, and the Sierra Wireless AirPrime MC7750 module has achieved technical approval for the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network, clearing the way for shipments to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) building products with integrated 4G connectivity on either of the major U.S.-based LTE networks.

Embedded modules that have achieved operator technical approval provide OEMs with greater confidence that devices integrating the modules will pass network certification tests, as the majority of the test cases have already been completed. This also accelerates time-to-market and reduces network certification costs for OEMs. OEMs working with Sierra Wireless modules also now have the opportunity to efficiently and cost-effectively provide a choice of network services with their products, as the AirPrime MC7700 and AirPrime MC7750 share a common hardware and software interface.

We recognize that many of our OEM customers need to be able to provide their customers with options when it comes to network services,” said Dan Schieler, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Computing for Sierra Wireless.

So we put major effort behind streamlining wireless integration for our customers, ensuring they have quick access to new technologies in reliable, pre-certified modules with a common interface. OEMs can design and develop once and apply the work across devices for both networks, allowing them to keep development costs under control while still offering their customers the choices they want.

Sierra Wireless AirPrime MC77XX Series embedded wireless modules allow OEMs to take advantage of the latest generation of high-speed mobile networks, delivering up to 100 Mbps download speeds and 50 Mbps upload speeds, integrated GPS capabilities, and broad compatibility. Compatibility with existing 2G and 3G networks ensures users stay connected whether they’re in major cities, traveling across the country, or roaming internationally. Sierra Wireless embedded modules support Windows, Linux, and Android operating systems to enable wireless integration in a wide variety of devices. The AirPrime MC7750 module also supports over-the-air device management (OTA-DM), allowing OEMs to include provisioning, servicing, and customization options to enhance the user experience.

OEMs are already using these new capabilities to incorporate high-speed wireless connectivity into a variety of upcoming devices, including notebook, netbook, and tablet computers; connected consumer electronics products such as personal navigation devices; and home or enterprise-class routers.

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