Company Uses inthinc Fleet Management Solution to gain 100 Miles More Per Tank of Gasoline for Fleet Vehicles

inthinc Technology Solutions Inc., a global telematics company centered on fleet management and driver safety solutions, has just announced that McCall Service, a leading pest control and lawn care company, has gained 100 miles more per tank of gasoline in one month after implementing the inthinc tiwiPro™fleet management solution.

The system has helped McCall Service absorb the volatile activity associated with gasoline prices, as well as increase safety for its drivers and reduce carbon emissions.

Because the inthinc technologycombines real-time vehicle activity measurement with automated driver behavior coaching, companies like McCall Service are empowered to affect measurable change in terms of fuel consumption and safe driving. The system coaches drivers via real-time, in-cab verbal safety alerts when a driver exceeds the posted speed limit or is driving aggressively. With its GPS tracking capabilities fleet managers can see—via the web-based inthinc Portal—where vehicles are located in real time and note how much time drivers spend at each ‘stop’ on their route. The portal will also show idle time for each vehicle, unauthorized detours taken during the workday, or company vehicle usage during off-hours.

We accomplish many things using inthinc—it isn’t just about the fuel savings we gain from more efficient driving and eliminating unauthorized vehicle use,” says Al Formella, vice president of operations at McCall Service.

It acts as a protection for our drivers; they are on the road for a big part of the day and have formed habits that get them to their destinations safely—and if there is an emergency, management can receive immediate alerts via text or phone.

Safety is a main priority for McCall. Because inthinc has a database of the speed limits on each street segment, it can tell drivers—verbally—when they have exceeded the posted limit. If drivers slow down within a given grace period, no alert is sent to the inthinc Portal; if drivers continue to speed, however, the branch manager receives a text or an email and can see where the violation occurred via the GPS-based live fleet view. The same alert system applies to seatbelt use or aggressive driving. This kind of insight helps the company identify any common trends and serves as a flag to identify any risky drivers who need additional training.

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