Cisco Delivers Innovative Compact Routers to Enable Vending Machines, Vehicles and Medical Equipment to Join the ‘Internet of Things’

Cisco 819 ISR Machine-to-Machine Gateway Enables Business Innovation and Productivity by Extending Corporate Network Services to Billions of Non-Traditional IP Devices Such as ATMs, Service Vehicles, Digital Billboards and Vending Machines

Illustrating its unique ability to create business opportunities for customers in even the most nontraditional of networking environments, and delivering on its vision for the “Internet of Things,” Cisco today announced the latest addition to its core routing infrastructure portfolio: the Cisco 819 Integrated Services Router (ISR) Machine-to-Machine Gateway.

Integrating networking capabilities into non-traditional IP devices enables machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity that can help organizations achieve operational efficiency, cost savings and innovation.

The Cisco 819 ISR Machine-to-Machine Gateway serves as a single, integrated platform that extends corporate 3G/4G wireless WAN network services to small devices in challenging environments far beyond the confines of headquarters. Cisco estimates that technologies such as the Cisco 819 ISR will help connect more than 50 billion devices to the Internet by 2020.

Key Highlights

Enables new services across a wide variety of industries. The Cisco 819 ISR enables new business opportunities both by adding networking capabilities to previously non-networked devices and by supporting standalone GPS, which location-based applications can use to retrieve real-time GPS data.

For example, the Cisco 819 ISR could enable the following:

  • Medical: Portable medical services with remote monitoring of patients could cut down on healthcare facility visits as well as make healthcare accessible to patients who are immobile.
  • Transportation: M2M communication works with GPS and high-speed mobile broadband technology to track vehicles and offer text updates on arrivals to passengers. It also enables organizations to cut costs with just-in-time processes and to improve functionality and safety for fleet management services.
  • Vending Industry: Vending machines equipped with the Cisco 819 ISR can “find” and “talk” to the nearest replenishing depot / vehicle, so machines are refilled before popular products run out — this boosts customer satisfaction and revenue for both coin-operated machines that carry low-value goods such as snack foods and credit-card operated terminals that carry high-value goods such as MP3 players. Additionally, the 819 ISR provides the performance, availability and security required for machines dispensing high-value goods.
  • Security: M2M technology enables innovations such as video surveillance from ATM machines, flexible monitoring capabilities and more.

Small and rugged. Lighter than the lightest Apple MacBook Air, smaller in length and width than the Apple iPad2, and available in both hardened and non-hardened versions, the Cisco 819 ISR can be used in a variety of small spaces with limited environmental controls. The hardened version can withstand temperatures as low as minus 13 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 25 degrees Celsius) and as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius) — both of which may be encountered in outdoor ATM deployments. The hardened version also provides the flexibility for deployment in many different stationary and mobile environments where they may be subjected to shock from falls, vibration such as that encountered on commercial vehicles, temperature variations and fluctuations, dust, splash water, or low power availability.

Security and performance. Despite its small footprint, the Cisco 819 ISR supports advanced security features including stateful and application inspection firewall, intrusion prevention, content filtering, and encryption for VPNs, which enables it to be used in sensitive environments. Additionally, its QoS features can optimize voice and video applications in remote sites, so end users experience the same service levels as they would at headquarters. Additionally, the Cisco 819 ISR provides the performance required for concurrent services including security, mobile IP for seamless IP mobility, and IPv6. The 819 ISR also supports dual SIM allowing two separate certified service providers to offer 3G services in one platform.

Remote management and monitoring. Many M2M deployments will consist of hundreds if not thousands of devices. Thus, superior management and monitoring are critical for the success of these deployments; the Cisco 819 ISR provides the full solution as it can be remotely and centrally managed with Cisco Prime. This along with the support for extensive 3.5G and 3.7G MIBs provides network managers visibility into and control of devices, including devices connected to the router in these remote sites.

Affordable, 3G support for emerging markets. Many emerging countries are adopting 3G as their main connectivity. With its 3G support and affordable pricing, the Cisco 819 ISR appeals to organizations in these countries looking for integrated micro-branch support.


The Cisco 819 Integrated Services Router is available now. The ruggedized version list price starts at US $2300, while the starting list price for non-ruggedized version is US $1600.

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