Sensinode Introduces NanoServices Solution Architecture for the Embedded Web

Company Defines End-to-End Strategy for the Internet of Things, Announces NanoService™ Platform for Application Delivery and Management.

Sensinode Ltd., a leading provider of software that powers the Internet of Things, today described its NanoServices™ strategy for delivery and support of applications for the Embedded Web.

Sensinode’s NanoServices feature high efficiency, resource discovery, caching and management, eventing, semantic naming, semantic search and end-to-end security, providing the basis for comprehensive web services optimized for the unique constraints of machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

Key to this strategy is the new NanoService™ Platform, Sensinode’s web service application development environment and network management solution for efficient, secure, reliable and scalable delivery of M2M applications.

The NanoService Platform is a flexible and highly-scalable product designed to enable the deployment of challenging M2M applications on private server, private cloud or public cloud environments. It provides a directory and semantic lookup of all deployed M2M nodes and resources in the system, provides transparent proxy services between the large-resource traditional Internet and constrained-resource protocols, and supports an eventing (asynchronous push) model that is critical to the effectiveness of Embedded Web applications.

The Internet of Things and its myriad of different services and applications has a unique set of constraints compared to normal Internet devices, in terms of cost, size and power consumption. These constraints necessitate a new set of features and services to make embedded Web services a reality,” said Adam Gould, Chief Executive Officer of Sensinode.

At Sensinode we call these NanoServices, and we are delivering tools at the embedded network node, router and service management level that will allow our customers to rapidly develop custom applications using standard Web tools, while at the same time making the details of the wireless network transparent.

Sensinode’s architecture for the Embedded Web includes new device and web application libraries to easily connect devices and web applications with the NanoService Platform. The NanoService Platform presents an environment for easy development of standard REST (Representational State Transfer) applications, while conforming to standards for Embedded Web services such as CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol) and compact messaging protocols including EXI (Efficient XML Exchange).

Designed to support M2M networks of up to 20 million nodes and up to 100 million daily transactions per cluster, the NanoService Platform offloads the complexity of Embedded Web service deployment. Applications in the emerging Smart Grid, the Connected Home, lighting and many other industrial/consumer segments involving wireless sensing and control are readily accommodated by the Sensinode solution architecture.

The NanoService Platform supports the full range of low-power RF and cellular communication protocols. This includes all variations of IEEE 802.15.4 RF at both 2.4GHz and sub-GHz frequencies, as well as GSM cellular standards.

Sensinode is now engaging with select end-user organizations and M2M service provider companies on deployments of Embedded Web applications using its NanoService Platform. 

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