NEC Solution Enables New Machine to Machine Communication Services

NEC Corporation announced today the launch of sales for “CONNEXIVE,” a new solution that provides services using M2M technologies to connect a variety of sensors and terminals to networks.

Beginning September 1, NEC will offer the “CONNEXIVE Cloud Based Infrastructure Service” to provide system infrastructure for M2M services through cloud platforms.

CONNEXIVE collects information from devices such as sensors, vending machines, information terminals and automobiles that are connected to networks using M2M technology. This information enables telecom operators and companies to create a variety of new services that include remote device maintenance, sophisticated control management and improved control of vehicle operations.

CONNEXIVE includes applications and system infrastructure in support of M2M services that will be provided as cloud based services and packaged software.

The new CONNEXIVE Cloud Based Infrastructure Service begins shipping September 1 and features authentication of connected devices, control functions and data collection and storage as a cloud based service. This service frees companies from having to develop system infrastructure for M2M services individually, reduces system development time by approximately 30% and decreases installation costs by approximately 20%.

The new service also complies with international standards that include the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) and Broadband Forum (BBF) which are adopted by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI ).

Furthermore, as an introduction to the new service, NEC will optionally offer an “Additional Data Storage Service” and an “Access Line Service.”  The Additional Data Storage Service enables the flexible addition of storage space when data exceeds system capacity. The Access Line Service is an outsourcing service where NEC both secures and manages a variety of access lines for M2M services.

NEC anticipates sales of approximately 50 billion yen for next three years.

NEC is also investigating cloud based services that integrate M2M applications and system infrastructure for the agricultural and industrial machinery management areas.

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