Komatsu Chooses Quake Global Modems for Optimizing Construction Equipment

Quake Global, Inc., a leading manufacturer of M2M communicators for multiple satellite and terrestrial networks, announced that Komatsu Ltd., the world’s second largest construction equipment manufacturer, is using QUAKE’s Q1000 and Q1200 modems in its full line of M2M communication solutions for heavy machinery.

The QUAKE™ modems provide rugged, dependable, and cost-efficient performance for Komatsu.

Komatsu’s dynamic solution, called KOMTRAX, is installed on nearly all tier 3 Komatsu construction equipment. KOMTRAX collects a variety of information including location, fuel consumption, maintenance reminders and out-of-area alerts. QUAKE’s M2M communicators use satellites to transmit that data from the field to a Komatsu server for access by service personnel and customers. All types of messages may be sent between the customer and the heavy equipment. For instance, customers can issue nighttime and calendar lock commands to disable equipment during certain times of the day or night. The service also sends maintenance alerts to Komatsu service personnel to proactively perform preventative maintenance. This means customers get more productivity out of their equipment, keep costs down, and increase profitability.

KOMTRAX benefits both the Komatsu dealers and their customers, according to Kenji Doishita, project manager ICT Group, Product Planning Dept., Development Division for Komatsu.

He said:

“For example, a Komatsu service person can check a machine’s location on the KOMTRAX map, determine if there are any problems and have the necessary replacement parts and tools ready before reaching the site.”

We selected QUAKE due to their reputation for designing a quality product that is both durable and cost-effective. With the QUAKE modem at its heart, KOMTRAX can reliably track and report a broad range of machine information in some of the most severe environments virtually anywhere on Earth, even where terrestrial networks cannot operate.

QUAKE is proud to have been selected to provide the modem functionality for KOMTRAX,” said Polina Braunstein, QUAKE’s president and CEO.

This powerful KOMTRAX system, coupled with the speed and reliability of QUAKE’s satellite communicators, can reliably track a variety of parameters to help quickly find information about specific machines based on key factors such as utilization rates, age, and other decision factors. This gives customers invaluable information that can be used to greatly increase the productivity of their equipment inventory, as well as improve overall business operations.

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