Internet of Things Comes to Life in Version 2.0 of ThingWorx Connected Application Platform

ThingWorx today announced the availability of Version 2.0 of its ThingWorx Connected Application Platform, a technology accelerating the development of connected applications that enable operational innovation through constant connectivity and interaction from people, systems, and the physical world.

Version 2.0, which builds on ThingWorx’s groundbreaking original release of the connected platform, introduces a new Mashup Builder that allows user interfaces for web browsers and mobile devices to be built in a drag-and-drop environment. This reduces the time required to build and deploy new user experiences by five times over traditional development platforms.

To better serve customers in their vertical markets, ThingWorx also releases a comprehensive Extensibility Toolkit in conjunction with Version 2.0. ThingWorx’s Extensibility Toolkit enables partners, customers and OEMs to extend capabilities of ThingWorx with their unique intellectual property to deliver applications, services and visualizations that meet the needs of their targeted markets.

We’re excited to release and demonstrate the cutting-edge updates to Version 2.0 of our Connected Application Platform,” says Russ Fadel, CEO of ThingWorx.

The Mashup Builder broadens our already significant advantage in increasing productivity by further enabling organizations to rapidly respond to opportunities for innovation and to capitalize on the increased prevalence of mobile and tablet devices in the workplace. Our enhanced collaboration elements streamline the capture of internal, tribal knowledge by virtually eliminating friction through a ‘wiki-while-you-work’ process. Finally, the release of the Extensibility Toolkit will allow for more widespread adoption and increased momentum within our targeted markets.

Additionally, Version 2.0 of the ThingWorx Platform provides:

  • An expanded set of User Interface (UI) widgets, featuring extensive collaboration components (including blogs, wikis, discussion forums, etc.).
  • Additional extensibility, which allow users to add custom widgets to the Mashup Builder, create custom “thing types,” build new connectivity channels, and add custom extensions to the ThingWorx script engine.
  • Enhanced interoperability with other applications; enterprise systems; web/social applications; and external feeds, services and content via RSS/Atom, REST, and web services integration.

There are four key differentiators that truly identify a connected application,” says Rick Bullotta, CTO of ThingWorx.

The ability to be constantly connected to ‘things’ in the field; the ability to collect and tag data from people, systems and things; the ability to simultaneously search, query and analyze unstructured, structured, and time-series data exhaust of these different elements to gain insight; and the ability to access, visualize and act on this information from any screen, anywhere. Version 2.0 brings to life all these capabilities to increase productivity, enrich the overall experience and enhance end-users’ ability to connect to and act on their data.

With this new release, ThingWorx continues to offer flexible deployment options for customers looking to deliver innovative applications. ThingWorx’s patented technology provides all of the services and functionality required to quickly build and deploy secure, high-performance, connected applications regardless of location on the cloud, on an Intranet, or on an embedded platform.

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