ACELYNK and SensorLogic Partner to Deliver Cloud-Based Solutions for Monitoring and Managing International Shipping

Companies join forces to offer unique, end-to-end visibility into all phases of import/export activities and Customs processing from origin to destination

SensorLogic, Inc., a pioneering provider of cloud-based platforms for machine-to-machine (M2M) application development, and ACELYNK, a leading provider of Web-based applications for international shipping and Customs management, announced today that they have formed an alliance.

The two companies are working together to produce a first-of-its-kind, smart shipment tracking and Customs compliance offering for companies conducting high-volumes of international trade.

Under the agreement, ACELYNK will use the SensorLogic Service Delivery Platform as the foundation for an open, cloud-based solution for import and export shipment monitoring and tracking. The solution to be offered by ACELYNK will precisely track the location and status of shipments, beginning at the point of origin and continuing all the way through to the delivery destination. It will use APIs (application programming interfaces) in the SensorLogic Platform to enable instrumentation, location tracking and reporting on shipments utilizing advanced devices, a range of location-based services, wireless networks and other technologies.

In addition to smart shipment tracking, the ACELYNK solution will combine the Customs filing, clearing process and status messages, including those required by FDA and other governmental agencies, with shipping information. With its cloud-based architecture, the ACELYNK solution will provide Customs brokers and importers with anytime, anywhere access to complete shipment information. Designed as an open solution, it will be easy to integrate with existing shipping and enterprise IT systems, and will provide role-based access to parties typically involved in international shipping transactions, including manufacturers, shipping agents, carriers and Customs brokers. The ACELYNK solution also will give importers an easy way to establish, maintain and document their Customs compliance while reducing administrative burdens.

What’s unique about the solution we’re building is its ability to create a complete, virtual representation of customers’ shipments, and track international shipments on an end-to-end basis,” said Matthew Fotouhi, President and CEO of ACELYNK.

These virtual shipments – including data about location, Customs processing status, and other information – exist completely in the cloud. They automatically update in sync with the actual physical shipments as those goods move through their transit routes. Our solution will deliver unprecedented visibility and greatly enhanced management capabilities across what traditionally has been a complex, disjointed and mostly opaque process.

The work we’re doing with ACELYNK clearly illustrates the advantages of the platform approach to M2M application enablement,” said Michael Campbell, President and CEO of SensorLogic.

“Our platform is helping ACELYNK to build a solution that will transform customers’ operations, create real competitive advantages, improve efficiency and lower costs. For companies that use global supply chains or have business models that involve high volumes of international shipping, the ACELYNK solution will be a real game-changer.”

SensorLogic Service Delivery Platform

The SensorLogic Service Delivery Platform provides application enablement services – a more intelligent approach to M2M application development. It lets customers accelerate their connected device initiatives by handling the complex underlying architecture required in virtually all enterprise-grade M2M applications. Network operators, hardware OEMs, software vendors, system integrators and enterprise IT teams use the SensorLogic Platform to build, deliver and deploy scalable, reliable and compelling M2M applications and managed services faster, more predictably and with lower development costs. Whether for asset tracking, machine monitoring, remote service, insurance telematics, intelligent metering, or any other applications that leverage connected devices, the SensorLogic Platform offers a more intelligent and effective way forward.

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