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RFM Introduces Low-Cost 2.4 GHz Frequency Hopping Module for Sensing, Telemetry and Control Applications

Delivering Serial and I/O Data, and Auto-Reporting

RF Monolithics, Inc., today introduced the DNT24.

The DNT24 is the latest in the company’s innovative line of low-cost, long-range frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) modules for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The DNT24 module is a very affordable solution for wireless applications that require reliable performance in difficult or unpredictable RF environments that also need a robust set of networking features.

Flexibility and a high level of configurability are hallmark features of the DNT series, and the DNT24 is no exception,” said Tim Cutler, RFM’s director of business development for M2M business.

“For cost-sensitive applications, this new 2.4 GHz member of the DNT series brings the same superior combination of FHSS, low-cost and long-range functionality as the companion 900 MHz DNT90 – to provide substantial cost savings to applications needing world-wide acceptance.”

The DNT24 serves a wide range of applications from simple cable replacements to sophisticated sensor networks. Target applications include industrial / commercial wireless sensing, AMR and smart grid, and remote control.

As with the entire DNT series, the DNT24’s application programming interface (API) is designed for easy embedded integration to speed up design time and get products to market faster than other FHSS modules selling at higher prices and less design flexibility.

Product highlights include:

  • Supports power levels from 10 mW to 100 mW, operates at -96 dBm receive sensitivity, and provides RF data rate of 250 kb/s,
  • AES-128 encryption and sophisticated FHSS networking provides robustness and high degree of reliability,
  • 3 analog inputs and 6 GPIOs to not only report signal status but also drive outputs without the need for additional intelligence,
  • Both a standard UART serial port supporting standard baud rates and SPI interface as well as a collection of 3 ADC inputs, 2 DAC outputs and 6 GPIOs, the DNT24 is well suited for any sensor application,
  • Ability to auto-report sensor data and to sleep in between reports and with I/O binding – creating a low-power radio suitable for battery operation,
  • FCC, Canadian IC and ETSI certified.
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