KORE Enhances International M2M Offering with Intelligent Pricing Architecture

KORE IntelliRate Now Delivers Increased Cost Control, Enhances Device Management for Global M2M Users

KORE, the world’s largest wireless service provider specializing in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, today announced that it has expanded its IntelliRat program – variable priced M2M product featuring automated rating discounts based on data volume consumed – to customers on its international M2M network offering, KORE Global Connect.

The move is designed to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO), eliminate ‘bill shock’ and improve device management capabilities for global users of M2M network services. All customers currently using KORE Global Connect will transition to the Global IntelliRate program and all new customers will automatically receive IntelliRate pricing when launching services with KORE.

KORE introduced IntelliRate to its North American customer base in 2010 as the industry’s first auto-adjusting, elastic tariff structure designed to account for the considerable ebb and flow of device usage, a hallmark of machine communications. For example, a particular device in a user’s network may be exception-based and have no need to transmit for a period of weeks or months, while another may have the task of initiating a monthly data backup process, creating a high-volume burst of data at regular intervals. IntelliRate accounts for these variabilities and automatically applies the appropriate data rate according to each device’s actual usage on a monthly basis, with zero customer intervention required.

When evaluating M2M network service providers, KORE stood out due to its global coverage footprint, especially in key European markets, as we roll out our ‘Smart Grid for Waste & Recycling worldwide,” said Michael Feldman, VP of Engineering, BigBelly Solar.

“Given the central role that information plays in our System, including the need for reliable communications between our distributed stations and network command center, a wireless partner of the highest order is required and we are very pleased to be working with KORE in such a capacity.”

KORE designates multiple rate steps, based on a combination of 10 tiers of data usage and seven geographic coverage areas.

We’re seeing a tremendous amount of activity on a global level and understand that our customers need to scale their businesses while keeping a critical eye toward total cost of ownership,” said Alex Brisbourne, president and COO, KORE.

We’ve worked diligently to bring together high-reliability networks and a business management platform optimized for global M2M devices and service delivery, while also focusing on tariff management, which was cited repeatedly by customers as a critical component. Now that our global IntelliRate program is in place we can proudly claim, together with our operator partners, the most comprehensive M2M service delivery platform for global enterprises.

KORE Global IntelliRate is available through the KORE carrier partnership with Vodafone Group. Vodafone enables device connectivity in more than 170 countries worldwide via a single SIM.

While all international M2M services customers will see returns from KORE IntelliRate, it was designed with a number of use case scenarios in mind, including:

  • Highly seasonal operations, such as agriculture, which combine periods of high-volume data usage followed by dormant or very low use periods;
  • Devices that are highly irregular in data usage and are not predictable in terms of high and low data use periods;
  • Devices that require periodic, over-the-air firmware updates and
  • Devices that may be highly mobile, spanning countries and continents, where in some areas the customer prefers that the devices not connect in order to save on wireless network service expenses.

To further control TCO, KORE SIMs can be provisioned to only connect to specific global service area networks. Additionally, KORE SIMs are configured to connect to the most cost-effective networks, whenever possible. If a customer chooses to allow a SIM to connect to a more expensive network, the SIM will regularly look for a preferred, lower-cost network. These additional steps enable customers to manage costs and reduce risk, while delivering the broadest coverage in each country.

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