Smart home cloud services worth $6 billion in 2015

Smart home sensor network chipset shipments, the majority wireless chipset solutions, will approach 100 million worldwide in 2015, enabling nearly $6 billion in cloud services for energy and home service providers, according to a study by ON World.

Adoption of smart home sensor networking is accelerating in several channels and new business models are already emerging.

Mareca Hatler, ON World’s research director, said:

“Demand for energy solutions has invigorated the smart home market and resulted in cloud based innovations that make smart home services accessible for the average household. Built on an IP based infrastructure, these smart home platforms present nearly unlimited services opportunities as well as the potential for disruption from new offerings that promise to deliver smart home solutions at even lower costs.”

According to ON World cloud services for smart home applications will increase by a 103 percent compound annual growth rate between 2010 and 2015.

Further, smart home sensor network systems based on IPv6 are a growing trend and, in addition to the migration to ZigBee Smart Energy 2.0, there are several service providers that currently offer IPv6 based smart home systems.

According to a survey by ON World of over 500 consumers, 4 out of 5 are “interested” or “very interested” in applications such as security, safety, lighting and energy management, and 29 percent are willing to spend $10 or more per month for a smart home cloud service.

According to ON World within the next five years smart TVs that are connected to traditional television streams as well as IP networks such as WLAN and the cloud will increasingly serve as the primary interface for sensing, automation and home based web services.

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