New App Meets the Need for Fast and Easy SIM Card Activation

Danish operator, SimService A/S, wins international award for presenting a new opportunity to showcase the best Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technologies, services and deployment.

The winning mobile application enables electricians and other people working outside the office to register and activate SIM cards on the spot.

The competition has been opened to all telecom companies and professionals across the world and was organized by the SIMalliance, a non-profit trade association, supporting the creation, deployment and management of secure mobile services across the world.

An Innovative Solution

The winning application, named the SIM Activation App, makes it easier for technicians and other personnel working in the field to activate and register SIM cards in alarm-units or AMR (Automatic Meter Reader).

After having mounted an un-activated or pre-activated SIM card without subscription into a unit or device, the user can use the SIM Activation App to activate the SIM card on a mobile network.

The App is linked up to SimOnline, a customized online management tool, on which the users can get a complete real-time overview and a single point of entry for administering their M2M solutions.

We are very proud to be awarded “Best M2M”, as the prize manifests our vision of meeting the needs of our M2M customers“, says Steen Gregersen, Partner at SimService, and he continues:

We know our success depends on the success of our customers. Therefore, acting on our customer input is what makes the difference in our successfully role of creating the very best M2M solutions for our customers. We provide our customers with more than just a subscription and a SIM card. We build our products and solutions so that they meet all the specific needs of our customers. Our SIM Activation App is a good example of this.

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