Smart metering project in Belgium to feature 36,000 communication gateways

Flemish distribution grid operators EANDIS and INFRAX have selected Dr. Neuhaus Telekommunikation GmbH to provide smart communication gateways for a smart metering pilot project in the Flanders region of Belgium.

The communication gateways will enable automated two way communication between central systems and electricity and gas meters from multiple vendors. The pilot project is scheduled to roll out approximately 36,000 smart communication gateways in 2012.

EANDIS operates about 2.5 million electricity metering points and 1.5 million metering points for gas, and INFRAX 700,000 metering points for electricity and 280,000 metering points for gas. Both companies have been engaged in smart metering projects since early 2009. The pilot project is a next step towards the goal of a large scale rollout of smart metering services to their customers.

The communication gateways to be developed and manufactured by Dr. Neuhaus will enable the two companies to set-up wide area communication via powerline (PLC), DSL/LAN networks and mobile networks (GPRS). The architecture will merge existing technology and components, as deployed e.g. in Dr. Neuhaus’s MUC-Controller, with new concepts developed by EANDIS, such as filtering and “multiple gateways” for PLC communication.

The products will also feature interfaces for local configuration and administration, as well as for feedback possibilities of consumption values to consumers. Special attention will be given to security and power consumption requirements.

Detlef Einacker, sales director at Dr. Neuhaus, said:

“A reliable, flexible and safe communication gateway is the cornerstone of any smart metering solution.”

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