New Renault electric and ICE cars connected through Telenor Connexion

Telenor Connexion has been chosen as the European connectivity supplier for Renault’s sophisticated telematics services available on new Renault electric and fuel vehicles.

Following the success with Nissan LEAF, “European Car of the Year 2011”, the Renault Nissan Alliance has selected Telenor Connexion as its European supplier of connectivity for Renault’s new electric and internal combustion car models as well. The first new electric vehicles to be connected are Kangoo ZE, Fluence ZE and the first ICE vehicles connected will be Kangoo and Master.

Telenor Connexion’s dedicated connectivity solution helps Renault’s sophisticated onboard unit connect to theRenaultGlobalDataCenterin a private network environment allowing Renault to provide its end customers with a wide range of services and information. This is made possible by seamless communication via cellular mobile networks in all of Europe, plus Russia and Turkey. Renault’s onboard unit uses the embedded SIM technology from Telenor Connexion partner Sierra Wireless, which allows for more robust, durable and better integrated connectivity in an automotive environment.

The main features for electric vehicles include helping end customers to optimize the autonomy of their electric battery by making it possible to check the battery status either by phone or computer. Electric vehicle owners will be able to spot the charging locations available and to plan a trip until destination. In addition, the telematics solution will offer subscriptions for optional services such as remote diagnostics, fleet asset management, road assistance, insurance telematics, and more in future.

Ms. Claude Deulniau, IT Purchasing Manager at Renault, says:

“Telenor Connexion truly supports innovation in M2M and is the first mobile operator able to provide a reliable and secure connectivity solution with an embedded SIM solution for mass deployment in the automotive market. Other determining features of Telenor Connexion’s telematics solution are their global coverage, their proactive service awareness and their dedicated Service Portal to facilitate the management of connectivity.”

The agreement with Renault, one of the world’s largest car companies, underlines Telenor Connexion’s position as the leading global M2M connectivity provider in automotive telematics. We are very proud to be part of the Renault-Nissan electric vehicle program, which is the largest ever launched and to support the company’s ambition to be the world leader in zero emissions”, says Rémi Demerlé, EMEA Sales Manager at Telenor Connexion.

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