Wyless and Maingate collaborate on new market opportunities

Wyless and Maingate collaborate on new market opportunities

Wyless, the leading global M2M managed services provider and Maingate, the world’s first service operator specializing in smart services and connectivity between machines, devices and humans, announce a strategic partnership to collaborate on new market opportunities.

The partnership will provide Wyless access to local service delivery in Scandinavian markets and Maingate access to Wyless’s global network, connectivity and managed services. As part of the collaboration, the companies have physically interconnected their networks and service management platforms, effectively creating an aggregation point of 14 mobile operators networks with local connectivity in 10 countries. The operator network will include and expand in North America, Europe and will continue growing to other regions throughout the world.

In addition, Wyless and Maingate have been working on a number of joint opportunities over the last few months. These applications range from industrial networking, municipal lighting to healthcare and will expand to other applications in the M2M space including utility solutions for Smart Metering, Smart Grid and Demand/Response services.

Dan Mcduffie, CEO Wyless stated:  This partnership with Maingate is part of our plans to continue to build the  leading “multi-carrier  managed services capability” in the M2M market and to work with strategic partners who can give us market leading local connectivity in a highly technical and scalable environment.

Baard Eilertsen, CEO Maingate stated: We are pleased to be working with Wyless on a number of joint opportunities that reinforces our M2H Services strategy at a very human level and our M2M Smart Services strategy in the area of improving the environment. We look forward to further joint ventures on a global scale to take advantage of Wyless’s leading position in global managed services.

About Maingate
Maingate, founded in 1998, is the world’s first service operator specializing in smart services and connectivity between machines, devices and humans. After pioneering M2M and co-founding the m2mGlobal Alliance, Maingate is now driving the era of Machine-to-Machine-to-Human interactivity in ICT, where the human aspects are in focus (M2H: Machine-to-Human). Maingate bring innovative solutions to customers to connect and integrate their machines, systems and other devices with their business processes and users. Maingate service portfolio is built around three main solutions; M2M Connectivity Services, M2M Smart Services and M2H Services. Maingate M2H Services include consumer apps and application middleware to bring the consumers into the M2M equation.

For further information about Maingate, please visit www.maingate.se.

About Wyless
Wyless is the leading global M2M managed services provider. Our resilient platform, delivered in partnership with the world’s largest network operators, provides secure, reliable communications with wireless devices in over 120 countries. Powerful management tools offer real-time reporting and control over all devices connected to our network. Wyless delivers a comprehensive suite of managed services with unrivalled expertise, professional support and competitive pricing. We enable our customers and partners to deploy M2M applications and services faster, cheaper and more effectively.

For more information about Wyless, please visit www.wyless.com

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