NEC and Deutsche Telekom Drive M2M Solutions Across Europe

NEC Corporation announced today the cooperation with Deutsche Telekom AG on the M2M (Machine-to-Machine) solutions for the future society.

As a partner in the global partner network of Deutsche Telekom NEC will support to pioneer the cutting edge technologies from development of the M2M platform and applications, marketing, sales and deployment.

M2M technology collects information and controls devices such as sensors, vending machines and home appliances by communicating through networks. The new technology will ensure end users mobility and home security which improve their life styles. It will also provide energy saving.

Markus Breitbach, head of Partner Development at the M2M Competence Center of Deutsche Telekom, said:

“M2M has a great potential to make life more secure, easy and healthy. Services which seem to be science fiction today will become reality in a very short period of time… M2M technology is the key technology for the internet of the things. Together with strong partners like NEC we will make it happen.”

NEC is at the forefront of M2M and cloud-based technologies which require the acquainted integration of wireless, IT and mobile terminals technologies,” says Michael Stückmann, Managing Director of NEC Deutschland GmbH.

Our R&D resources at NEC Laboratories Europe in Heidelberg has been developing the toolkit platform for M2M applications. In addition, the sales forces and engineers at NEC Deutschland will enhance M2M business with increasing various kinds of applications.

Breitbach follows: “The partnership with NEC will actively drive the M2M market across Europe and beyond.”

NEC has recently launched “CONNEXIVE”, according to Stückmann, a new solution that provides services using M2M technologies and offers the “CONNEXIVE Cloud Based Infrastructure Service” to provide system infrastructure for M2M services through cloud platforms. This information enables telecom operators and companies to create a variety of new services that include remote device maintenance, sophisticated control management and improved control of vehicle operations. CONNEXIVE includes applications and system infrastructure in support of M2M services that will be provided as cloud based services and packaged software.

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