Oberthur Technologies Enlarges its M2M Product Portfolio by Adding Automotive and Commercial Grade Products

Oberthur Technologies, the world’s second largest provider of security and identification solutions and services based on smart card technologies, introduces two new products and completes its M2M product portfolio.

Automotive grade product that is qualified AEC-Q100 (Automotive Electronic Council) and support PPAP level 3 (Production Part Approval Process). This automotive specific product is only offered in MFF2 form factor (Surface Mount Device) for car manufacturers or applications requesting automotive quality management (Advanced Part Quality Planning).

Commercial grade product that is specially tailored for connected electronic consumer devices requesting MFF2 form factor for design and manufacturing reasons. It would answer to M2M applications like home alarms, gateways, stand alone Personal Navigation Devices, Fixed Wireless Telephones, speed camera alerts, ebooks and dedicated tablets.

These two new products complete the existing portfolio already integrating an industrial grade product that is offered in 2FF (strengthened plastic plug) and MFF2 (Surface Mount Device) form factors. This product perfectly suits applications like vehicle tracking, energy metering, control & monitoring, vending machines and POS.

All of Oberthur Technologies’ M2M products now come with a new operating system that supports extended life features authorising from 500 000 to 8 million memory read/write cycles. This has to be compared to the 100 000 R/W cycles that are normally supported by a standard SIM.

Therefore manufacturers of M2M equipment (OEM) can now rely on products with at least a 5 to 15 years lifespan and operating in M2M and automotive harsh environments.

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