u-blox achieves sub-meter GPS accuracy with PPP, Precise Point Positioning

NEO-6P module embeds PPP for low-cost, static and slow-moving applications

u-blox, the Swiss positioning and wireless chip and module company, announces the immediate availability of the NEO-6P GPS module with standalone sub-meter Precise Point Positioning (PPP).

PPP is made possible by a proprietary algorithm combined with ionospheric correctional data received from satellite based augmentation systems such as WAAS (USA), EGNOS (Europe) and MSAS (Japan). The system achieves full accuracy with unobstructed sky view after only a few minutes of operation. The device comes in u-blox’ industry standard NEO Leadless Chip Carrier (LCC) module form factor.

Thomas Nigg, VP Product Marketing at u-blox said:

“The NEO-6P addresses the need for high-accuracy positioning used in surveying, mapping, marine, and slow-moving recreational applications. The solution provides high accuracy positioning at a fraction of the cost of other high precision solutions. Our PPP solution is compact, stand-alone, and uses a single frequency GPS receiver”

The NEO-6P also provides complete GPS satellite raw data allowing further accuracy improvement based on post processing by an external host.

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