IDEAL LIFE and Sprint Introduce New Home Health Wellness Communication Gateway

Pod uses M2M communication to enable health monitoring via the Nationwide Sprint Network

IDEAL LIFE and Sprint today unveiled a new cellular pod that will make it easier than ever for users to manage wellness and monitor chronic conditions remotely.

The pod, which will make its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show Jan. 10-13 in Las Vegas, uses wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication to share information over the Nationwide Sprint Network, which reaches more than 312 million people in the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands (inclusive of roaming).

The device serves as a communication gateway, creating a remote network for instantaneous, secure, two-way communication between a user and his designated healthcare team. Once activated, the pod automatically syncs (pairs) with any of IDEAL LIFE’s wireless monitoring devices.

The cost of healthcare is one of the preeminent issues of the 21st century, and IDEAL LIFE’s solutions are proven to improve wellness and reduce costs through education and self-management. Because of a shift toward preventive care, the remote health management industry is set to grow exponentially this decade, and Sprint and IDEAL LIFE’s collaboration will help facilitate proactive prevention among hospitals, physicians, caregivers and patients.

IDEAL LIFE’s relationship with Sprint was forged early last year with the goal of expanding IDEAL LIFE’s product portfolio to include embedded wireless devices,” said Harvey Goldberg, CEO of IDEAL LIFE, Inc. “This new offering continues that endeavor and is an example of how wireless technologies, combined with medical applications, can transform healthcare delivery.

The IDEAL LIFE system features FDA-cleared and HIPAA-compliant products, such as the IDEAL LIFE Gluco-Manager (blood glucose meter), IDEAL LIFE BP Manager (blood pressure monitor), and IDEAL LIFE Body-Manager (body weight scale). Users can take readings with their device of choice, and deliver more accurate and immediate data to healthcare providers who can, in turn, share relevant, reliable and actionable information. This information can be delivered on demand, to any location, through collaborative solutions that are mobile, secure and accessible using this new communication gateway.

IDEAL LIFE, an ISO-certified company, which recently received the prestigious Innovations in Healthcare ABBY Award for its efforts to reduce the cost of quality healthcare, is the leader in remote health management and is revolutionizing healthcare by enhancing connectivity with smart technology throughout the care continuum. The most comprehensive system available, the IDEAL LIFE platform enables people to be healthier and more independent, reduces healthcare costs and provides better use of healthcare resources.

IDEAL LIFE provides physicians, caregivers, family and individuals maintaining healthy lifestyles or managing chronic conditions with smart, affordable, wireless, user-friendly technology anytime, anywhere, to fit any lifestyle. Its digital, two-way and interactive technology streamlines the patient-doctor relationship by allowing individuals to become active participants in their own healthcare through education and self-management, involving the physician when appropriate, thereby saving needless trips to the physician’s office while allowing physicians to manage more patients more efficiently.

Wayne Ward, vice president-Emerging Solutions Group, Sprint said:

“Wireless M2M solutions present an opportunity to streamline healthcare and provide greater access to critical patient information at significantly less cost and effort. We are proud to collaborate with IDEAL LIFE to facilitate real-time dialogue and data exchange between individuals and medical professionals. The potential to improve patient wellness and physician efficiency in an on-demand setting is just one example of how connected devices are fundamentally changing every aspect of the way we work and live.”

The pod is available based on specific user needs, offered separately from other IDEAL LIFE devices, and users are not required to have a Sprint account to achieve connectivity with the device. Some products have a monthly service fee that is available free of charge through select health plans.

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