CradlePoint Provides a Platform for Retail’s Shift Toward Wireless “Pop-up” Merchandising

Deployment of “Pop-up” Stores Help Retailers Improve Customer Experience and Increase Sales.

CradlePoint, a leader in enterprise connectivity, today showcased its new ARC MBR1400LE Router with an integrated modem as a platform for an instant, pop-up retail kiosk at the National Retail Federation Conference (NRF).

CradlePoint’s ability to support multiple operational and transactional retail applications wirelessly allows retailers the ability to quickly assemble and create targeted retail niches anywhere they can receive a broadband signal. A live demonstration of the pop-up store can be viewed within CradlePoint’s booth #3219 at the 2012 NRF Conference.

With shrinking margins, the retail sector’s appetite for technology continues to increase as it competes for customers and looks to differentiate its offerings. Retailers have embraced pop-up stores as a cost-effective and innovative means of connecting with customers and extending their brands. The latest iterations of pop-up stores rely on the speed and reliability afforded by CradlePoint solutions to support more elaborate displays, high-end signage, more sophisticated POS and mobile commerce capabilities as well as meaningful interactive experiences that enable useful conversations with customers.

George Mulhern, CEO of CradlePoint noted:

“Pop-up stores have become an established national phenomenon and a legitimate means of testing product, generating buzz, building brand awareness, and driving sales for big-name retailers and ambitious upstarts alike.”

Growth in mobile broadband technology is expanding the possibilities and diverse applications for mobile pop-up. CradlePoint’s portfolio of 3G/4G network solutions has attracted established retailers and national brands to rely on CradlePoint to deliver reliable, secure, and easy-to-deploy connectivity that puts temporary or mobile retail locations on par with their more permanent counterparts.

CradlePoint’s instant pop-up store demonstration illustrates a retailer’s ability to set up and partition its wireless connectivity to support secure operational and transactional connections, while simultaneously allowing consumers access to public WiFi. Wireless applications that clients have deployed to improve customer experience include, but are not limited to, digital signage, digital receipts, product-specific kiosks, employee mobile devices, and customer WiFi. On the operational side, retailers can partition routers to connect such applications as VoIP phones, video surveillance, HVAC control, and credit card transactions on separate networks to maintain PCI compliance.

CradlePoint is uniquely positioned to service the retail market with its expanding suite of wireless enterprise solutions. Regardless of application, CradlePoint’s solutions are built to provide a high-level of availability, security, and centralized management with CradlePoint’s proprietary WiPipe Central remote management software. Retailers that adopt CradlePoint benefit instantly as the routers provide plug-and-play performance within their existing infrastructure and support multiple applications, regardless of geographical location.

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