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DN2K Receives Significant Funding for Advanced Remote Monitoring, M2M and Management Systems


Investment Funds Further Product Development and Expansion into New Industrial Markets

DN2K (www.dn2k.com), developers of advanced remote monitoring, machine-to-machine (M2M) and management systems, today announced that it has received significant funding from a group of private investors to help with growth and expansion into global oil and gas, agriculture, smart grid and electric power industries.

The $1.5 million dollar first round investment comes from a group of North American investors that make investments into SCADA, Smart Grid, M2M, industrial and security companies. DN2K has developed a state-of-the-art software system that can help government agencies, utilities, oil and gas producers, farmers and industrial operators securely monitor and control remotely-located critical assets from different manufacturers entirely from desk and laptop computers or mobile devices over the Internet.

Jerry Buckwalter, a participant in the National Infrastructure Advisory Council’s (NIAC) report on Critical Infrastructure Resilience delivered to the White House and Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, said:

“Cooperation between the public and private sectors to monitor and control critical infrastructure assets is vital to our national security.
Solutions like those from DN2K could play a key role in the secure management of these assets and services, especially in sectors such as transportation, energy and water.”

Examples of the DN2K solution:

  • Oil & Gas – Aggregating data into one screen from remotely-located devices, historical data trending and analysis, data reporting, data communications and maintenance planning for exploration and production companies worldwide with access on any computer or smart device from any web connection.
  • Smart Grid/Utilities – Providing utilities with one view of all disparate data inputs including distribution automation, smart meters, work force, substation automation, communications, etc.
  • Agriculture Management – Giving producers increased productivity, efficiency and profitability with less waste by linking inputs such as agronomy, storage, planting operations, etc.

We are thrilled to have additional funding for DN2K from a savvy group of investors,” said Susan Lambert, President and COO of DN2K.
Our Software-as-a-Service model, combined with our on-site intelligent gateway, is proving to be a great solution for industrial customers interested in increased efficiency in their operations. It’s very powerful to enable customers to see and manage their entire worldwide operations in a single graphical view combined with the ability to view individual components with only a few mouse-clicks.

About DN2K
Founded in 2011, the DN2K team has over 12 years’ experience in developing software-based systems that can remotely monitor, display and control important assets. DN2K brings visibility and control to a new level by offering a secure M2M Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that performs real-time aggregation of data from global SCADA systems, sensors and probes from different manufacturers into single view. DN2K takes large amounts of data from sources throughout your business and turns that data into a highly visual information display accessible from laptops, smart phones and tablets, regardless of platform, and can be shared with others in real-time. DN2K is unique by offering intelligent gateway devices located at a monitored site , performing business rules and setting alarm trigger conditions for superior automation and reduced network bandwidth requirements. DN2K primarily serves the oil and gas, agriculture, smart grid, electric power, utilities and industrial sectors worldwide. For more information, please visit www.dn2k.com.
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