New smart water meter deployment and management solution through SaaS platform from Capgemini

An off-the-shelf software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that will allow utilities to deploy radio water meters and networks elements has been launched by Capgemini.

The new Smart Water Services Platform is based on the company’s Smart Energy Services (SES) platform, leveraging best practices developed over the last 10 years working alongside the world’s leading utilities in the smart metering field.

The Smart Water Services Platform is an end-to-end, integrated workflow engine that is capable of managing the entire radio water metering lifecycle from program planning, meter rollout and operations right through to maintenance enabling an efficient analysis of water consumption. As the platform is delivered as a SaaS solution, it offers rapid and low cost set up and a reduction in total cost of ownership compared to a classic on-premise solution.

Technology that can help tackle one of the biggest challenges on the world’s sustainability agenda today – water scarcity – represents both significant progress against a global problem, and an important future revenue stream for utilities,” commented Gilles Taldu, head of New Business Models at Capgemini.

“The new SaaS solution is a cost effective, scalable way for utilities to analyze water usage in real time, and introduce more efficient processes when it comes to consumption.”

The Smart Water Services Platform is meter manufacturer agnostic and its open architecture will integrate with any radio data collection solution, meter data management system, or ERP system including SAP and Oracle. It is also offered with turnkey services to enhance integration with existing infrastructure.

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