Digi International and Freescale Semiconductor Collaborate to Announce Industry’s First Cloud-Connected Microcontrollers with Out-of-Box Cloud Connectivity

iDigi Device Cloud makes it easy to create Internet of ANYthing devices with Freescale Kinetis and ColdFire Microcontrollers

Digi International today announced collaboration with Freescale Semiconductor to integrate the secure and scalable iDigi Device Cloud solution into Freescale’s leading Kinetis and ColdFire microcontroller platforms.

Using the iDigi Connector, an open interface for any type of device, Kinetis and ColdFire customers now have immediate access to both a web and mobile applications development platform and world class device management functionality.

The iDigi Device Cloud delivers Any App, Anything, Anywhere capabilities to every connected Freescale Kinetis and ColdFire based device. Designed to be massively scalable and secure, iDigi is a complete and proven cloud infrastructure for remote device management and cloud-based information exchange.

Cloud connectivity offers device manufacturers significant product differentiation,” said Jeff Bock, Director of Marketing for Freescale’s industrial and multi-market microcontrollers segment.

It allows OEMs to create innovative and competitive products that positively impact revenue streams, product service/reliability and business process efficiency. For example, cloud connectivity dramatically streamlines product rollouts, preventive maintenance services, product performance analytics or proactive supply replenishments – all remotely and in combination with the capabilities of cloud-based applications, enterprise systems and mobile device integration.

Larry Kraft, senior vice president of global sales and marketing, Digi International said:

“Freescale customers across all markets now have immediate access to the benefits of cloud connectivity right out of the box”

The scalable and reliable architecture of iDigi provides instant cloud connectivity to network-connected devices everywhere on the globe. Whether it is a small or large-scale product deployment, iDigi meets and grows with every customer’s needs and opens up an entirely new world of exciting business opportunities and applications.

Glen Allmendinger, founder and president of Harbor Research, comments on the significance of the relationship:
Digi continues to drive its market leadership role in providing wireless M2M solutions. The Freescale collaboration demonstrates how Digi is bringing together all of the components necessary to provide a true end-to-end solution. The iDigi Device Cloud provides OEMs a massively scalable, highly secure m2m platform to leverage valuable device data. Smart connected web and mobile applications can now be rapidly developed, remotely managed, upgraded and serviced with ease. By providing all the necessary solution elements, OEMs can now focus their attention on developing new smart services and innovative modes of interacting with their customers. Digi is orchestrating the technology, products and support to make the Internet of Things a reality.

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