NEC details M2M strategy

NEC details M2M strategy

Japanese vendor to enable operators to aggregate, re-sell M2M data; also says economic turmoil is altering the buying culture of enterprises.

NEC on Thursday revealed how it plans to tap into the fast-growing machine-to-machine (M2M) market.

The Japanese vendor explained during Mobile World Congress that it aims to establish itself as an M2M data aggregator. It will deploy a platform that plugs into sensors integrated into moving vehicles, smart meters and the like, enabling applications to process one or more data sets that can then be sold on.

Carriers at the moment have mainly focused on SIM provision and management; as far as the data is concerned they’re just a pipe at this point,” explained Gareth Price, head of new business strategy at NEC Europe.

He said NEC’s solutions will enable operators to enter the secondary data markets by re-selling the information it collects and processes to third parties, “provided they have permission”.

In the case of the automotive industry, for instance, Price said operators could aggregate data collected from multiple sensors deployed in connected cars and sell it to an insurance company for the purposes of establishing a risk profile of any given route. NEC meanwhile would get a cut of the operator’s new revenue stream.

He said:

“It can only be done if you have a platform in the middle that separates the sensors and the applications.”

NEC has identified five verticals in which it aims to gain traction: retail; hospitality; logistics; healthcare; and education.

During the discussion Price also touched on how the current economic turmoil is driving cloud adoption as enterprises look for ways to save on capex.

Changing the buying culture of an enterprise is a big challenge,” he said, but that is precisely what cloud and the current economic situation is achieving. “As the economy has become more challenging the cloud has become the answer,” he said.

Source: Total Telecom

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