MerlinCryption Introduces a Fully-Scriptable M2M Encryption Platform Automating OEMs with Dynamic Customized Security

MerlinCryption Introduces a Fully-Scriptable M2M Encryption Platform Automating OEMs with Dynamic Customized Security

MerlinM2M, the Smart-World’s Smart-Encryption™ debuts MerlinWrap, a scripted controller that “wraps” end-to-end processes into a tightly customized and impenetrable sequence of execution, protecting M2Ms from counterfeiting, cloning, and data theft.

MerlinCryption’s M2M encryption platform secures machines with scalable keys up to 2 GBs in length, passwords up to 64K bytes, and a flexible, multi-faceted authentication component. The platform contains a special component that dynamically alters the generated data, exponentially increasing security, along with supporting utilities for developers and service providers.

Smart-world developers utilize the programmable software development framework for invoking the unique functionality of special purpose hardware and software to run specified programs. Telemetry, medical device, smart-grid, V2V, and industrial technologies increasingly require embedded security for system control, software updates, remote control, status queries, data usage and transfer, as well as other M2M tasks and directives.

The MerlinWrap platform controller automates all machine nodes during end-to-end encryption, decryption, and authentication processes. All parameters and choices of parameters are scriptable, derived as needed, and can be changed at any time.

User-defined scripts dynamically calculate and feed parameters to the algorithm, achieving encryption that cannot be predicted by hackers. The calculation algorithm is changeable and runs any sequence of programs, uses any parameters, and uses data from multiple sources.

The controller allows every embedded solution to easily be designed to the individual organization’s security needs and product structure. Developers have vast latitude to innovate dynamic and flexible security.

Paul “Prem” Sobel, MerlinCryption LLC Founding CTO says:

“Using the platform controller, the OEM developer can uniquely and dynamically script the calculation of encryption parameters and automatic response to alarms and alerts. For example, in the event of a cyber attack, the M2M’s alert scripting can trigger changes in the MerlinM2M Encryption Platform to automatically increase frequency of information flow or change the key length.”

OEMs further benefit from customization of each encryption engine, which is unique to their machine portfolio and not interoperable with any other custom or standard version. MerlinM2M encryption is HIPAA compliant, OFAC compliant and BIS/NSA approved for export.

The encryption is not based on mathematical technique and is not subject to statistical analysis. Unlike the existing encryption algorithms such as DES, SSL, and RSA, which have been broken, MerlinM2M has the unique ability to produce a different encrypted transmission every time, even when the machine repeats the same data, key, and password input.

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