u-blox’ CellLocate technology powers “WATCHIE” universal person locator

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1700 delegates at Alzheimer’s conference witness breakthrough technology for managed care: WATCHIE is a unique solution for people management, giving caregivers the ability to know where persons are located, both indoors and outside, anywhere at any time.

u-blox, the Swiss positioning and wireless chip and module company, has provided their CellLocate™ hybrid GPS/cellular positioning technology to LOSTnFOUND, a Swiss based company specializing in intelligent solutions for the protection, monitoring and retrieval of people and property.

The award winning product, “WATCHIE®”, was announced at the 27th International Conference of Alzheimer’s disease last week in London. WATCHIE is a wristwatch that capitalizes on the CellLocate positioning system integrated in u‑blox’ LEON GSM and NEO-6 GPS module. The solution intelligently combines GPS satellite and mobile phone positioning data to support universal positioning, indoors and outside.

With millions of new cases of Alzheimer’s diagnosed each year, the problem of monitoring and caring for persons with dementia has become an urgent problem for families and caregivers,” said Marc Wortmann, Executive Director, Alzheimer’s Disease International,

“WATCHIE is a unique solution for person management, giving caregivers the ability to know where users are located, both indoors and outside, anywhere at any time.”

WatchieThe solution allows caregivers to pinpoint the location of a person, even when GPS signals are weak or 100% blocked such as within hospitals, assisted living facilities, garages and shopping malls. WATCHIE works in 145 countries thanks to its integrated SIM-card. It is inexpensive, flexible and easy to configure and use. Features include panic button which transmits position data instantly, fall alert, programmable SafeZones that trigger an alert when the wearer strays outside defined areas, and comprehensive, user-friendly web-based control panel for management of multiple units.

Daniel Thommen, CEO of LOSTnFOUND says, “For complete self-confidence, a person needs freedom and self-determination – this is especially true of people suffering dementia. It is equally important that each person’s independence and self-confidence is prolonged as long as possible. This is exactly what WATCHIE helps to achieve.”

Individuals suffering dementia are prone to wander away unintentionally, and in seconds can become confused and lost. This is a problem as caregivers cannot always be present to watch over them. Currently available monitoring systems are also questionable in their approach to the privacy. They also only function in designated areas, and do not work indoors.

For more information about WATCHIE, visit www.watchie.com. For more information about u-blox’ CellLocate indoor positioning technology, visit www.u-blox.com/en/celllocate.html.

About u-blox
u-blox is a leading fabless semiconductor provider of embedded positioning and wireless communication solutions for the consumer, industrial and automotive markets. Our solutions enable people, devices, vehicles and machines to locate their exact position and wirelessly communicate via voice, text or video. With a broad portfolio of GPS modules, chips, and software solutions together with wireless modules and solutions, u-blox is uniquely positioned to enable OEMs to develop innovative solutions quickly and cost-effectively. (www.u-blox.com)

WATCHIE® is a product from the Swiss based LOSTnFOUND Ltd. A specialized company in intelligent solutions for the protection, monitoring and recovery of property – from the safeguarding and identification of mobile devices to the online tracking of vehicles and technical equipment. The company developed the first solution in this area in 2007 and is today one of the leading providers in this market. The company, which maintains support centers in various countries in Europe, has concluded appropriate general agreements with more than 75 network providers and offers all its products with their own SIM card. The products already work in over 145 countries. To find out more about LOSTnFOUND® please visit www.lostnfound.com or www.watchie.com.

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