Integron unveils its new Wireless Managed Services (WMS) platform for end-to-end visibility and control of M2M wireless assets

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Integron unveils its new Wireless Managed Services (WMS) platform for end-to-end visibility and control of M2M wireless assets

Integron, the leading global M2M wireless deployment services company, today announced the release of its new Wireless Managed Services – WMS™ platform.

The platform integrates wireless session/transaction data from multiple Carriers/MVNOs and critical asset management information that gives clients end-to-end visibility and control of their wireless assets.

Exhibiting at the 2012 American Telemedicine Association Meeting & Exposition, Integron demonstrated the new platform’s capabilities in supporting the deployment of home telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions.  The new WMS™ platform provides the client with an comprehensive view of their telehealth device’s wireless and asset status:

  • device wireless usage and detailed session data history (CDR)
  • rate plan and wireless transactions
  • integrated fleet usage and billing (across multiple wireless providers)
  • wireless coverage
  • wireless support tickets
  • asset order and shipping detail
  • asset custody
  • asset hardware and software configuration
  • asset deployment and returns history

The new WMS™ platform is currently integrated with Wyless Inc., Jasper Wireless, Rogers Wireless and Telenor Connexion, with Verizon and Deutsche Telekom slated for integration in 2012.  The new WMS™ platform can be seamlessly integrated into the client’s solution through a secure Application Program Interface (API) or the client may choose to use the Integron WMS portal.

Bryan Lubel, President Integron, said:
Our new WMS™ platform will give our client’s an unprecedented view of their wireless devices, and significantly reduce and simplify the amount of systems development required to effectively manage their deployments.” 

“Our customers can view assets that have access to over 150 mobile networks around the world, through a single management platform.”

In addition, we give our medical device customers a high level of confidence in regulatory compliance with Integron’s world-class tracking and tractability.”

About Integron
Integron is a M2M (Machine-to-Machine) Deployment Services company.  We specialize in helping clients design, deploy and manage wireless M2M solutions.  Integron has developed practice specialization in home telehealth/remote patient monitoring, critical asset monitoring, remote service and billing solutions.  Integron is ISO 13485 compliant, and holds an FDA Registration for medical device kitting.  Integron is headquartered in Rochester, New York.
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