eTrak Launches New Location-Tracking Product Line Using Wi-Fi, Cellular and GPS

eTrak Launches New Location-Tracking Product Line Using Wi-Fi, Cellular and GPS

Dallas-based eTrak launched a breakthrough product line of location-tracking devices today incorporating a patent-pending “Hybrid Tracking System” utilizing Wi-Fi access points, Cell-ID and GPS to ensure pinpoint accuracy (as close as 10 feet) of a person, pet or object.

Utilizing the Verizon Network, eTrak devices reveal their location using any computer or smartphone.

Introduced at the CTIA Wireless 2012 trade show in New Orleans, eTrak devices are manufactured in America and are suitable for both the consumer and commercial markets.
The eTrak consumer products will provide safety, peace of mind and help save lives at a very affordable price” said John Harris, CEO of eTrak.

“Our commercial product line provides the first high-accuracy, affordable solution for businesses to provide safety and security for everything from employees to assets.”

eTrak Launches New Location-Tracking Product Line Using Wi-Fi, Cellular and GPSeTrak’s software platform was recognized as the 2011 International CTIA “Best Enterprise & Vertical Market Solution: Mobile Marketing & Advertising.” eTrak’s domino-sized M2M devices are superior to competing products in accuracy and battery life, are much smaller, and weigh less than an ounce. eTrak also features an emergency call button that sends texts and e-mails to pre-determined recipients with its exact location and the ability to receive turn-by-turn directions. At $99 retail, eTrak products are priced significantly less than other similar products.

The devices are intended for use by anyone who is safety conscious – almost everyone – parents of young children, caregivers, the health-impaired (special needs, diminished capacity), senior citizens, pet owners, vehicle owners, businesses that need to track assets, members of the U.S. military and others.

eTrak products include:

  • Location-Tracking Devices which are used to track the location of a person or object and can be worn on the wrist, ankle or around the neck. The products can be attached to a keyring, belt, backpack or shoelaces, or placed in a pocket, suitcase, car glove box or other places.
  • E-911 Voice Call Device is a “panic button” product that dials 911 directly when pressed, activates two-way dialogue via cellular communication with a 911 operator and generates and forwards the exact location of the device (to within 10 feet) on Bing Maps, with turn-by-turn directions to the device’s location.
  • Hard-wired Auto Device is a plug-and-play location-tracking product that connects to a vehicle port, operates on the vehicle’s charging system, permanently mounts under the dash for concealed tracking and qualifies for insurance discounts.

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