Qualcomm Announces Roadmap and Resources Supporting the ‘Internet of Everything’

Qualcomm Announces Roadmap and Resources Supporting the 'Internet of Everything'

Chips Include 1X, EV-DO, HSPA, LTE, Wi-Fi and HomePlug Green PHY Technologies, with More than 100 Third Party Solutions Now Available for Developers at M2MSearch.com

Qualcomm Incorporated, the world leader in 3G and next-generation mobile technologies, today announced that vendors have released more than 100 cellular and connectivity solutions for the emerging Internet of Everything (IoE)/M2M ecosystem based on Qualcomm chipsets.

Designed to support a range of M2M applications, including automotive, smart metering, home security, industrial automation, retail and enterprise, these third party solutions have been catalogued on M2MSearch.com, Qualcomm’s new online database for cellular and connectivity modules.

Qualcomm’s IoE roadmap includes 1X, EV-DO, HSPA and LTE cellular chipsets, all featuring the industry-leading Gobi® modem technology. At the high-end of the roadmap are the dual-core Snapdragon®S4 MSM8960 and MDM9x15 chipsets, which incorporate the world’s leading cellular standards – LTE, HSPA+ and EV-DO Rev. B. These chipsets target high-end M2M applications with integrated application processing and mobile broadband capabilities, such as automotive infotainment and digital signage. The Qualcomm MDM6600 (HSPA/EVDO Rev. B) and MDM6200 (HSPA) chipsets are ideal solutions for applications such as telematics that require cross-regional connectivity. Entry-level M2M applications, such as smart metering, home security and industrial automation can utilize the QSC6270 (HSDPA) and QSC1105 (1X/GPRS) chipsets for cost effective integration of cellular capabilities.

Connectivity chips from Qualcomm Atheros, an affiliate of Qualcomm Incorporated, also are included in Qualcomm’s IoE roadmap. Wireless LAN connectivity is enabled by the Qualcomm Atheros AR4100 and AR4100P, single-chip, single-stream 802.11n Wi-Fi system-in-package solutions with an integrated networking stack. The AR4100 and AR4100P deliver outstanding performance for low-energy monitoring and control applications. The Qualcomm Atheros QCA7000 chip enables smart energy and automation applications, with the industry-first M2M HomePlug® Green PHY powerline communications solution that is low energy and cost effective while providing for easy integration into customer designs.

To support the emerging Internet of Everything, Qualcomm created M2MSearch.com, a searchable database that helps developers in selecting the appropriate cellular and connectivity hardware for their M2M devices. The website includes reference to more than 100 modules and gateways with embedded Qualcomm and Qualcomm Atheros chipsets. The solutions from more than a dozen vendors cover a wide range of cellular and connectivity technology choices. Today, such modules are found in smart vehicles, smart meters, electric vehicle charging stations, cardiac monitors, tracking and location products and many other devices. Users of M2MSearch.com can see detailed technical specifications for each of the listed modules and gateways, and search for the appropriate device based on vendor name, modem/connectivity technology, operator certification and other features.

Qualcomm will continue to support the emerging ‘Internet of Everything’ with chipsets and solutions that satisfy the needs of verticals, module and device OEMs and wireless operators,” said Kanwalinder Singh, senior vice president of business development, Qualcomm.

“Our chipset roadmap provides our customers with a broad set of powerful technologies to fulfill key M2M requirements.”

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