Telit and CardioNet Help Physicians Keep Pulse on Patient Heart Health

Telit and CardioNet Help Physicians Keep Pulse on Patient Heart Health

M2M Leader’s CC864-DUAL Module Connects Next-Gen MCOT Remote Patient Monitoring Device from CardioNet

Telit Wireless Solutions, a global leader in machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless technology, today announced its CC864-DUAL cellular module will connect the next generation Mobile Cardiac Outpatient Telemetry (MCOT™) from CardioNet, Inc., a leading wireless medical technology company with a current focus on the diagnosis and monitoring of cardiac arrhythmias.

Enabled with cellular capabilities by the Telit module, the CardioNet MCOT captures and transmits cardiac data while the patient is fully ambulatory. The device provides heartbeat-by-heartbeat ECG monitoring, analysis and diagnosis from virtually anywhere, allowing patients to leave the hospital while maintaining physician access to vital medical information.

Joseph Capper, president and CEO of CardioNet explained:

“By prescribing our newest MCOT device, cardiologists are able to monitor patients in a natural setting, receiving an accurate view of heart function during normal daily activities.”

Telit’s CC864 module allowed us to reduce the cost of our device while developing a reliable, portable solution for real-time, high-speed cardiac data transfer, keeping users safe and healthy.”

Physicians prescribe the CardioNet MCOT for up to 30 days, during which patients wear the device 24/7 for comprehensive monitoring and diagnosis. Sensors connected to the patient’s body record cardiac events and transfer data to a small, handheld cellular device equipped with the Telit module. This handset then quickly and reliably sends the data back to the CardioNet Monitoring Center, staffed around-the-clock by expert technicians, for analysis and response.

CardioNet’s MCOT is a prime example of the enormous benefit cellular technology lends to healthcare practices, enabling immediate and responsive monitoring capabilities for physicians while helping patients avoid costly hospital stays,” said Mike Ueland, senior vice president and general manager of Telit Wireless Solutions North America. “With these types of mHealth solutions, patients with chronic illnesses are now able to live their normal daily lives while experiencing premium care previously impossible outside the walls of a medical facility.”

Telit’s CC864-DUAL is a CDMA-1xRTT wireless module designed to have the same form, fit, and function as its GSM/GPRS and UMTS/HSDPA counterpart product families, the GC864 and the UC864 respectively, allowing integrators to achieve global deployment and service flexibility with a single design. With its ultra-compact form factor and extended operating temperature range, the Telit CC864-DUAL is the perfect platform for medium-to-high-volume m2m applications, mobile data and computing devices. Additional features such as integrated TCP/IP and UDP, a three-channel ADC and one-channel DAC provide extended functionality, adding value to the end application without adding cost.

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