Datatrade and NextM2M: stronger M2M presence in Europe

Datatrade and NextM2M: stronger M2M presence in Europe

Two leading M2M businesses expand cooperation in order to deliver more flexible solutions for end-users, developers and resellers especially in Northern Europe.

NextM2M, the global supplier of M2M connectivity, and Datatrade, provider of international telecommunications services, expand their existing cooperation by further integrating solutions and services.

The partnership aims to bring NextM2M access to all Datatrade’s network integrations with operators worldwide, and to provide Datatrade, the startup venture part of the Calltrade group, faster access to the global M2M market.

The collaboration means that NextM2M can now offer advanced M2M access to all European networks and a worldwide access to more than 450 networks in 200 countries.

Furthermore, NextM2M will be able to offer an increased variety of price structures in specific countries of the customers’ choice.

Earlier this year in February the two companies announced the first step in this synergetic cooperation consisting of Datatrade leasing the sophisticated NextM2M Management Platform. This web based management tool is unique in its ability to integrate unlimited number of operators and SIM cards in the same platform.

The cooperation is now expanding to include NextM2M’s access to the many Datatrade mobile network integrations and connectivity access, allowing more diverse and customizable products for both companies’ M2M products portfolios.

This agreement is a real breakthrough for us“, says Henrik Hansen, Vice President, Sales and Business Development, NextM2M.

We will be able to satisfy far more customers with tailor-made solutions to their specifications. The combination of Datatrade’s broad operator base and our management platform is ideally suited for M2M solutions since all SIM cards from all operators can be integrated and administrated with one easy to use web interface.”

“With several operators in each country we can offer a larger selection of features and price structures, and they can all be handled by the same platform.”

We have experienced an increased demand for connectivity in Europe and especially Northern Europe, which we can satisfy by specific local and regional solutions”, Henrik Hansen concludes. “Furthermore many of our Nordic customers require cost efficient connectivity specifically in Denmark and Germany, and this demand we will be better suited to cover.”

By extending the collaboration with NextM2M we gain more from its management platform. Adding it to our offering is a plus for our network integrations and provides us with a broader coverage and access to markets where we are not yet present“, comments Andrea Giacomini, CEO, Datatrade.

Thanks to the uniqueness of the NextM2M Management Platform our customers and end users can now freely choose operator because being all administered simultaneously by the same web based product.”

We are pleased with the integration of the platform and the synergy NextM2M delivers. By being each others’ customer we gain entry to a broader market. NextM2M is a global player and our cooperation gives us faster and stronger foothold in markets worldwide.”

NextM2M is already offering global connectivity through our cooperation with Vodafone“, says Mads Winblad, Chairman of the Board, NextM2M.

It enables us to offer attractive connectivity solutions to customers in need of global and cross boarder connectivity between many countries. The collaboration with Datatrade allows us to expand these offerings with more operators in each country and more new features. All in all this enables us to offer more diverse solutions, customizable to our clients’ needs and requirements especially concerning smaller geographies and individual countries.”

We see this agreement as a proof of our concept and it sends a strong signal both to our customers, partners and potential investors of our strong competitiveness,” Mads Winblad states.

We are now even more competitive in offering global, regional and local solutions with a broad selection of products, services, features and prices thus adding value to our offerings. The two agreements supplement each other perfectly and create a synergy and strengthen the competition in the marketplace, which is so important for the entire M2M industry.”

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