Eclipse M2M Industry Working Group MovesToward Open M2M Tools and Frameworks

Eclipse M2M Industry Working Group MovesToward Open M2M Tools and Frameworks

The Eclipse M2M Industry Working Group (IWG) was established in November 2011 as an industry collaboration with the purpose of creating an open platform of tools and frameworks to simplify the creation of M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The goal of the group is to break down the silos that often occur between M2M applications and enable interoperability among different M2M devices, M2M servers, and enterprise applications.

After six months, the participants have made substantial progress toward making available the open source technology to support this mission.

  • Java and C/C++ source code for the MQTT client reference implementation is now available as part of the Eclipse Paho project. MQTT is an M2M connectivity protocol that is useful for connections between small devices over low bandwidth networks. The Eclipse Paho project provides the reference implementation for the MQTT protocol. A contribution of an MQTT client implementation in the Lua language has also been proposed by Andy Gelme.
  • The source code for a new M2M application framework has been made available. The purpose of this framework is to provide a consistent workflow for M2M development, and to allow M2M applications to interact with different device types and communication protocols. Creating a consistent framework will enable interoperability and information sharing between M2M applications.
  • The Eclipse Koneki project has made available a Lua development tools environment and an integrated simulator for the OMA-DM protocol. Lua is a popular programming language for embedded and M2M development. Koneki provides Lua developers with an Eclipse-based IDE similar to what is available to Java and C/C++ developers. OMA-DM is a device management protocol. The new OMA-DM simulator allows developers to test interactions between a simulated M2M device running in Eclipse, and an OMA-DM server.

The Eclipse M2M Industry Working Group is open to participation by any individual or organization working on M2M solutions. The current active participants include Band XI, Eurotech, IBM, and Sierra Wireless.

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