Telenor Connexion provides customers with the first mobile app for instant management of connected devices

Telenor Connexion provides customers with the first mobile app for instant management of connected devices

With the new M2M Dashboard mobile app customers can access data usage, alarms and subscription details anytime anywhere.

Telenor Connexion, the M2M pioneer and leading enabler of connected services, today unveils the first-ever mobile app for instant management of connected devices.

The M2M Dashboard is an app for Android smartphones that provides customers with an overview of data usage, alarms, as well as details on subscriptions in the customer’s M2M solution.
The M2M Dashboard functionality includes:

  • Total GPRS and SMS usage
  • Average GPRS and SMS usage per subscriber
  • Top 5 Subscribers on GPRS as well as SMS usage
  • Top 5 countries on GPRS as well as SMS usage
  • Overview and details on trigger Alarms
  • Details on subscriptions
  • Possibility to deactivate individual subscriptions

“The new M2M Dashboard mobile phone app is an additional benefit for subcription monitoring that we are happy to offer our customers.”

Telenor Connexion’s customers are already today using our web-based Service Portal to analyze and improve device and traffic behavior for cost-efficiency and streamlining of their processes. The mobile app is a complement to the Service Portal allowing access to the data anytime and anywhere”, says Rickard Widerberg, Head of Product Marketing at Telenor Connexion.

Telenor Connexion M2M dashboard on mobile appThe M2M Dashboard app is available free of charge on Google Play for customers with an API user account.

About Telenor Connexion
Telenor Connexion is the leading enabler of premium connected services for business and life critical applications, regardless of the vertical market. Building on more than 12 years of M2M (machine-to-machine) experience, Telenor Connexion provides customers with tools that allow for full control of status, location and performance of their connected devices.
The company was established in 2008 and originates from the successful M2M business within Telenor Sweden. With headquarter and tech center in Sweden and regional offices in UK, Germany, US, and Japan, Telenor Connexion has a global presence serving customers around the world. Telenor Connexion is wholly owned by Telenor Group, one of the world’s major mobile operators. For more information please visit
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