Telit’s GSM/GPRS/UMTS 3.5G module makes ATrack’s GPS trackers attractive, feature-rich products

Telit's GSM/GPRS/UMTS 3.5G module makes ATrack’s GPS trackers attractive, feature-rich products

Telit Wireless Solutions, a global leader in machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless technology, today announced its M2M modules enable feature-rich trackers by ATrack Technology Inc., a leading automatic vehicle location (AVL) tracking system supplier.

ATrack Technology Inc. designs, develops and manufactures AVL tracking systems. ATrack understands that the stability of the tracking device is a critical success factor in the GPS tracking industry. In order to improve functionality and capability, as well as to enhance communication stability, ATrack developed the new AX5 which aims to fulfill this market’s needs in various ways.

Following extensive research and testing, ATrack chose Telit’s GE865-QUAD as its primary GSM module to make its GPS trackers loaded with rich features. ATrack believes that working with a reliable partner can bring the highest value to a long-term successful business.

As technology rapidly progresses, people tend to adopt more intelligent ways for a better, more secure, safe, and environmentally-friendly driving experience,” said Frank Tang, CEO, ATrack Technology Inc.
ATrack believes that the GE865-QUAD’s compact form factor along with its consistently high quality is the smart decision among all other module selections.

ATrack AX5The AX5 is a 2nd generation Plug-and-Play tracking device with a number of improvements, providing basic functions along with optional advanced features for tracing light trucks and passenger vehicles. The easy installation feature enables individual users to simply plug the device into the vehicle themselves. Applications such as PAYD (Pay-As-You-Drive) within the insurance industry can benefit from the AX5’s functionality and simple installation. AX5 is the basis for the ultimate solution for fleet managers in need of monitoring location, speed, and parameters available on the OBD port of vehicles. In addition, because the AX5 can be installed in a matter of seconds, the high cost of installation is substantially reduced.

The ATrack tracker solution highlights again the growing importance of M2M technology in the telematics industry,” said Dominikus Hierl, Chief Marketing Officer at Telit Wireless Solutions.

“With about 7.5 million units in service worldwide out of a total available market close to 300 million commercial vehicles,  the Telematics industry shows huge  potential and is now entering a major consolidation and acquisitions period.”

That’s why Telit appointed Cyril Zeller , Senior sales director of Global Telematics Segment to be close to our strategic partners to anticipate their needs and offer Telit’s R&D resources, and gaining much deeper market under standing to optimize customer services.

Telit’s GE865 is the smallest GSM/GPRS Ball-Grid-Array (BGA) modules in the market. The low profile and small size of the unique BGA package for the GE865-QUAD enable the design of extremely compact applications. Since connectors are eliminated, the solution cost is significantly reduced compared to conventional mounting. With its ultra-compact design and extended temperature range, the Telit GE865 product line is the perfect platform for high-volume M2M applications and mobile data devices.

About  ATrack
ATrack Technology was founded by a group of professionals with past proven records involved in the design, development and manufacturing of AVL tracking system. The goal is to provide the most stable, cost effective and robustly featured AVL tracking system through worldwide partner-based distribution networks for the location-based telematics  industry. In addition to tracking devices, ATrack also provides a free simple testing server application. This application is able to communicate with ATrack tracking devices and show its current location on Google Maps.

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