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M2M technology cuts firm’s CO2 emissions by 600 tonnes a year

M2M technology cuts firm's CO2 emissions by 600 tonnes a year

Company slashes CO2 by the equivalent of one thousand London to Manchester return lorry journeys

Zenith Hygiene Group is saving almost 600 tonnes of CO2 a year with TomTom fleet management technology, enabled by Vodafone, according to independent research.

The study, undertaken by global sustainability consultancy Environmental Resources Management (ERM), was commissioned by Vodafone, whose world-leading machine-to-machine services support TomTom Business Solutions.

Zenith’s estimated 597-tonne saving equates to a 28 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions across its 61-strong lorry fleet – equivalent to 1,000 return lorry trips between London and Manchester.

ERM reported :

“In financial terms, it is estimated that if Zenith Hygiene continues at the current level of fuel efficiency, it could save in the region of £218,000 per year on fuel costs, with a further potential £50,000 on reduced maintenance costs.”

These financial savings resulted in return on investment being realised by the cleaning and hygiene specialist within just three months. Zenith achieved this with TomTom’s tracking, navigation and ecoPLUS devices installed across its vehicle fleet. The vehicles use Vodafone’s global machine-to-machine services which enable businesses to connect, monitor and manage devices across the world.

The solution has enabled Zenith to track vehicle usage and fuel consumption, while managers and drivers alike have been given an insight into performance behind the wheel. As a result they have been able to minimise incidents of speeding and harsh driving and promote a greener, safer and more efficient fleet operation.

Vodafone is making it easier for businesses to cut costs and reduce their environmental impact,” said Erik Brenneis, Head of Vodafone Global M2M.

Mobile technology is enabling people to adopt lower carbon ways of operating, living and working. Together with TomTom we have enabled firms all over the world to save hundreds of thousands of pounds annually. The efficiency gains and costs savings made by Zenith provide compelling evidence for business investment in advanced fleet management technology.

Giles Margerison, director UK and Ireland, TomTom Business Solutions, added: “Business benchmarking and effective change management have been key ingredients in Zenith’s success.

TomTom works closely with all its business customers to ensure they maximise the potential of their fleet management technology and optimise operational efficiency.

About TomTom Business Solutions
TomTom Business Solutions is a leading provider of fleet management solutions and professional Telematics Services. Our in-car products are designed to help drive greener, safer and more efficiently. Our online platform, WEBFLEET, is highly scalable and has the highest standards in terms of reliability and security.
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About Vodafone machine-to-machine (M2M) communications
Vodafone machine-to-machine (M2M) connects previously isolated machines or devices wirelessly to the internet delivering new functionality and enhanced services without the need for human intervention. M2M technology makes common appliances more intelligent by enabling them to feed useful data back to the service provider or manufacturer to achieve a better customer experience. Supported by 20 years’ experience and 200 dedicated staff, Vodafone’s global M2M platform makes it easy for global businesses to centrally manage M2M deployments across multiple territories, with greater control and at a lower cost than previously possible. Vodafone’s M2M solutions operate principally in the utilities, automotive, logistics, and remote maintenance and security sectors.
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Advantech webinar November 728x90 banner

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