IMS M2M Hardware Innovation Provides Universal Vehicle Coverage, Rich Intelligence

IMS M2M Hardware Innovation Provides Universal Vehicle Coverage, Rich Intelligence

Revolutionary IMS DriveSync device expands company’s impressive hardware portfolio

Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS) is pleased to announce the launch of its most advanced connected car hardware to date. The new IMS DriveSync device is at the core of the company’s overall Intelligent M2M Platform – an all-encompassing data aggregation and intelligence platform that powers an entire suite of connected car products.

Recognizing that the best intelligence requires the best M2M technology, IMS developed the compact device as the most universal on the market. It can work with any vehicle, including those without OBD-2 ports, such as new hybrid and electric vehicles and diesel fuel vehicles. The uniquely engineered car adaptor is the key to the unit’s incredible versatility.

We’re pleased to be bringing this innovative solution to market to ensure our clients have the most coverage in collecting accurate data for their telematics programs,” said Dr. Ben Miners, Senior Director of Emerging Technologies at IMS.

He said:

“We recognized the need for a more extendable product early on, especially with the popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles. We also wanted to ensure that our clients have access to the most accurate, richest data possible and this device achieves just that.”

IMS DriveSyncThe IMS DriveSync device draws data from a variety of sources, including GPS, accelerometer, CPU and memory and uses sensory fusion to combine the data to get the most complete view of driver behavior on the market. Set to be available in Q1 of 2013, the device is also the most economical of its kind. It is fully configurable to support the data and intelligence needs of every program, and can be customized to suit program requirements. That means clients only pay for the components and data that they need. As one element in the many end-to-end programs offered by IMS, the device will allow even more clients access to the company’s impressive suite of services.

We’re very proud of this innovative solution, and feel confident that it will suit the needs of our clients and potential clients for years to come,” concluded Miners.

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Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc. (IMS), based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, is a leader in connected car technology that enables drivers to be safer, smarter and greener while giving more purpose to every journey. Our intelligent technologies, including M2M and HMI, are used across insurance, road charging, rental car and fleet enterprise industries. For more information, visit

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