Locaid Launches IP Location, Creates First Multi-Source Location-as-a-Service For Billions Of Connected Devices

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Combination of IP and Mobile Location Is Critical for Today’s Mobile Advertising, Location-Based Marketing, Fraud Protection and Compliance Requirements

Locaid, the world’s largest Location-as-a-Service company, today launched Locaid IP Location™, a new service that accurately determines the location of any Internet-connected device through the combination of Internet Protocol (IP) and mobile location. This combination further strengthens the capability to authenticate a person or device’s physical location and prevent location spoofing, which is critically important in applications such as banking, gaming, mobile marketing, fraud prevention and compliance.

Part of the company’s Location-as-a-Service platform, Locaid IP Location offers enterprises, service providers and app developers a means to identify the true location of the more than 9 billion connected devices today, a number that industry experts expect will grow to 50 billion by the end of the decade. By adding real-time, non-spoofable network-based mobile location to IP location, developers can achieve a high measure of granularity in locating users who initiate online transactions and ensure much more reliable location authentication.

With more and more consumer devices being connected to the Internet, including cars, Google Goggles and even televisions, the diversity and number of devices that we can now locate is staggering,” said Rip Gerber, Locaid President & CEO.

“We can now locate them all, billions of devices, anywhere in the world, making this combination of mobile network location with IP location a historic moment in the location industry.”

Locaid IP Location determines the physical location of website visitors anywhere in the world using the unique IP address of the device that initiates an Internet session. The solution provides location information about the connection originator, such as latitude/longitude, state and zip code as well as other valuable network connection attributes, home/business identifier and standard industry codes.

In cases where location compliance is critical, as in gaming or digital rights management, IP intelligence data such as identified anonymous proxy usage can highlight potentially suspect location data and indicate the need for additional location validation. Using mobile location, developers can perform that validation by obtaining real-time, unspoofable location data.

By integrating mobile with IP location, Locaid delivers a more accurate and verifiable location profile of customers and devices to advertisers, marketers, financial institutions and gaming platforms,” added Walter Beisheim, Senior Vice President of Locaid.
The combination significantly improves the reliability and value of key attributes of website visitors such as zip code, DMA and Internet connection type, and marks a new industry benchmark for location authentication and location-based services.

Locaid IP Location enables brand marketers, ecommerce companies, media companies and financial institutions to provide location-customized marketing messages, increase sales conversions of offers and promotions, prevent transaction fraud, effectively authenticate users, ensure licensing and regulatory compliance, more effectively manage network traffic, and more, all through a single API.

Locaid is the world’s largest Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) company. We operate a location privacy platform that allows mobile developers to locate over 365 million devices for enterprise authentication, fraud management, consumer location services and opt-in mobile marketing. Locaid locates smartphones, feature phones, tablets and any mobile device on leading wireless carriers including América Móvil, AT&T, Rogers, Sprint, T-Mobile, TELUS and Verizon Wireless. Locaid also helps shape and enforce location privacy policies via leadership roles on governing associations including the CTIA, MMA and IAPP. The largest financial institutions, mobile marketers, M2M platforms and mobile service providers get network location from Locaid.
Location Matters™. You can locate us at http://www.loc-aid.com
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