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Enexis installs 100,000th Smart Meter with Vodafone M2M

Enexis installs 100,000th Smart Meter with Vodafone M2M

Enexis, one of the largest energy network operators in the Netherlands, has successfully installed its 100,000th smart meter, in partnership with Vodafone.

Enexis started installing smart meters in October 2009 after the European Union (EU) introduced a directive in 2008 stipulating that 80% of energy customers must be able to monitor energy consumption by the end of this decade. Following an initial trial of 10,000 smart meters, Enexis partnered with Vodafone M2M so that it could wirelessly monitor energy consumption in near real-time. Each smart meter is fitted with a Vodafone SIM that transmits data to Enexis via GPRS periodically, showing how much energy has been used.

We’re pleased to have successfully installed our 100,000th smart meter,” said Lonneke Driessen-Mutters, Smart Metering Operations Manager, Enexis, “This achievement is in no small part due to Vodafone who have provided help and assistance at every step of the way. Smart metering is not only new; it’s a very complex ecosystem. Vodafone’s assistance and rapid response when we have encountered difficulties has been invaluable.

Kim Bybjerg, Head of M2M Northern Europe, Vodafone Global Enterprise, said:

“Demand for smart metering is really gathering pace as both consumers and energy providers recognise the value it can provide and the environmental benefits. We’re delighted that Enexis’ trial has been so successful and look forward to continuing to work closely.”

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