GreenWave Reality Delivers Next Generation Connected Lighting Solution

GreenWave Reality Delivers Next Generation Connected Lighting Solution

Consumer friendly lighting platform utilizes NXP’s JenNet-IP Internet-based wireless technology

In conjunction with the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, GreenWave Reality, a global innovator in the Smart Home Services market, announces the next generation in lighting with the availability of its Connected Lighting Solution. Consumers can now easily control and automate lighting through a handheld remote or smartphone, increasing the comfort of their home while significantly reducing energy costs.

The GreenWave Reality Connected Lighting Solution, incorporating JenNet-IP™ network layer software from NXP Semiconductors, can be used directly out of the box without any rewiring of the home or need for an electrician. GreenWave Reality’s innovative solution combines Energy Star certified LED bulbs with Internet connectivity to provide consumers with fully controllable, rich, warm light throughout their homes. Leveraging these highly efficient, controllable LED bulbs, consumers will use only 20 percent of the energy a traditional incandescent bulb uses. Additional savings come from being able to easily control and dim home lighting. For instance, by replacing only 10 incandescent bulbs, consumers can immediately begin saving up to $150 a year on their utility bill, resulting in thousands of dollars of savings over the lifetime of these long lasting bulbs.

GreenWave Reality devicesBy simply screwing in the bulbs, consumers can immediately begin to control their lights. The solution comes pre-configured with “home,” “away” and “night” Smart Controls. For example, before bed, consumers can simply press the “night” Smart Control to turn off all lights, eliminating the need to go from room to room to turn lights off. Consumers can also create their own custom Smart Controls to fit their lifestyle, such as having outdoor lights automatically come on at dusk and turn off at dawn, and even integrating with motion sensors to automatically turn lights on or off when entering or exiting a room. For added convenience and safety, the solution is “light switch friendly,” meaning that existing wall switches will still turn the lights on or off in all circumstances.

Greg Memo, CEO of GreenWave Reality, said:
According to Parks Associates, the most desired consumer feature of a smart home is lighting control. With our Connected Lighting Solution, we are providing consumers with a powerful, personal way to reduce energy consumption while enhancing the comfort in their home.

The Connected Lighting Solution can be used on its own, or in conjunction with the existing GreenWave Reality Smart Home Platform. Currently deployed at leading utility and service provider partners, the Smart Home Platform allows consumers to easily monitor and control their appliances and heating/cooling systems in the home. Advanced features like interactive coaching, energy budgeting, Smart Controls, and usage alerts all lead to helping consumers reduce wasted energy. The GreenWave Reality end-to-end solution is built on a highly-scalable, secure IP-based network platform that connects all of these devices into an IP ecosystem, creating the foundation for the “Internet of Things.”

Geoff Mulligan, the Chairman of the IPSO Alliance, said:

“The GreenWave Reality Connected Lighting Solution, in conjunction with the JenNet-IP technology, has reached a great milestone in delivering on the promise of the ‘Internet of Things’.”

Their solution is based on IPv6 for low-power devices (6LoWPAN), which is a foundation of the IPSO Alliance.

Energy companies see the benefit of the Connected Lighting Solution for their customers. A number of leading European-based utilities, including Seas-NVE (Denmark), Nuon (Netherlands), and Fortum (Sweden) also plan to offer the Connected Lighting Solution to customers.

Now shipping to utilities in Europe, the Connected Lighting Solution is also certified for the United States market from GreenWave Reality or its lighting partners who have licensed the platform. The GreenWave Reality solution works with bulbs from any JenNet-IP Certified lighting manufacturer, many of which plan to introduce certified lights and fixtures for the residential, hospitality, commercial and industrial markets.

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About GreenWave Reality
GreenWave Reality is a global innovator in the Smart Home Services market including Energy Management, Connected Lighting, and Home Monitoring services. CES 2012 Innovations award winner and Global CleanTech Cluster Association award finalist, GreenWave Reality delivers a breakthrough consumer experience, making it easy to conserve energy, save money and enhance lifestyles. The GreenWave Reality platform is highly secure and scalable, allowing utilities and service providers to confidently provide these capabilities. GreenWave Reality’s funding is led by Craton Equity Partners, a Los Angeles-based cleantech fund, and has also received support from the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). GreenWave Reality has offices worldwide including Irvine, Copenhagen, and Singapore.

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