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InterDigital’s Standardized M2M Technologies Power Multi-Vendor Machine-to-Machine Demonstrations and Interoperability Testing at ETSI Forum

InterDigital’s Standardized M2M Technologies Power Multi-Vendor Machine-to-Machine Demonstrations and Interoperability Testing at ETSI Forum

Demos Center on InterDigital’s Mature Service Layer and APIs; Goal is to Accelerate Transition to Standards-based M2M

InterDigital, Inc. (NASDAQ: IDCC) today announced that its standards-based gateway and server technologies helped power multi-vendor demonstrations and interoperability testing of wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) communications today at the 3rd TC M2M Workshop hosted by ETSI in Mandelieu, France. The multi-vendor demos pave the way for standards-based M2M services that are expected to significantly increase adoption and drive down costs in M2M communications.

The interoperability demo was based on the TC M2M standard published by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). InterDigital’s mature service layer and APIs have been integrated into trial M2M platforms from FP7 BUTLER, Intecs, Intel Corporation, Kontron, Mformation, Radisys and Sensinode, enabling multi-faceted demonstrations this afternoon and throughout the workshop, which is taking place October 24-25, 2012.

ETSI promotes a standardized framework for interoperable M2M services, connecting smart devices, platforms & applications to the Internet of Things. The ETSI Technical Committee M2M is defining the end-to-end M2M service platform and the intermediate service layer that are key components of the horizontal M2M solution. The technology centers around a standardized service layer and application programming interfaces (APIs) that are independent and aware of both networks and applications, allowing cellular operators and service providers to fully enable the potential of M2M business applications – ranging from remote monitoring and control to e-health, smart transportation, and intelligent homes – changing the way people live, work and play.

Since the establishment of the ETSI TC M2M committee in January 2009, InterDigital has made numerous technical contributions to the standardization process while building pioneering prototypes and demonstrations along the way. The company also played a central role in coordinating and integrating the hardware and software platforms for the multi-faceted demonstrations and interoperability testing at the at the 3rd TC M2M workshop – a critical milestone towards building an open and scalable M2M ecosystem. InterDigital also supports the formation of OneM2M, the global standardization initiative that harmonizes the work of TIA, ETSI and 3GPP, building on the ETSI TC M2M work.

Allen Proithis, Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Solutions at InterDigital commented:

“The successful collaboration between ETSI and the M2M community, including InterDigital, has resulted into the availability of a mature platform that is now fully interworking with commercial legacy M2M systems and applications – a key milestone in defragmenting the M2M market and accelerating the transition to standards-based platforms around the world.”

We are grateful for the support and commitment of ETSI and all the companies who collaborated on these successful demonstrations. Our enabling solutions are available now and we look forward to working with organizations, vendors, and operators to help integrate InterDigital’s service layers and APIs into commercial platforms and services.

InterDigital offers a mature suite of standards-compliant M2M solutions – including M2M Service Capabilities Layer Software and APIs targeted for fully-functional devices, constrained devices, gateways, and network servers. For the multi-vendor demonstrations, different aspects of the company’s M2M technologies were successfully integrated onto the partners’ respective solutions.

Standardization provides a framework and roadmap for the industry to support the proliferation of wireless M2M communications on a global scale. The TC M2M standard enables interoperability across a heterogeneous mix of device and network types and unifies a broad range of vertical markets such as smart energy, healthcare, transportation, and security. Furthermore, operators can now play a key role in accelerating M2M growth through offering streamlined turnkey packages that leverage their strength and expertise in network management, customization, billing and location services.

To learn more, you can access an ETSI leaflet about the role of ETSI and the scope and significance of M2M communications.

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