Telit and Castles to Advance Smart, Secure Payment Technology with m2m Wireless Solutions

Telit and Castles to Advance Smart, Secure Payment Technology with m2m Wireless Solutions

Castles expands its global reach with Telit’s proven support and high quality module

Telit Wireless Solutions (AIM: TCM), a global leader in machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless technology, today announced that its M2M modules are to be used by Castles Technology, a Taiwan based leading manufacturer of smart, secure payment technology for major financial institutions, retailers, and buyers.The cooperation enables Castle to expanditsprecision-built, performance-driven, reliable and innovative point-of-sale technology to partners worldwide.

Castles’ comprehensive family of products includes contact and contactless smart card payment systems, PIN entry devices, and fixed and portable EFT POS terminals. Acknowledged standard bearer for many globally recognized brands, including Citibank, Seven Eleven, IKEA, and Bangkok Bank, Castles attributes its growth to core values of reliability, innovation, and unprecedented customer service.

Castles Vega 5000Telit’s module enhances the performance of Castles’ Vega5000, a portable terminal seamlessly supporting multiple communication protocols through Telit wireless connectivity. Vega5000 is a defining product with broad appeal for many of the company’s channel partners, processors, and retailers.

Faced with growing demand for wireless payments solutions from a diverse customer base, Castles began a search from 2011 for high-quality, competitively priced wireless technology to form the basis for a new portable terminal that could operate anywhere in the world.
We need a solution with universally compatible hardware and software interface,” said Dale Laszig, SVP Sales at Castles Technology. “We chose Telit’s modules due to their high performance and reliability.Telit is especially responsive and willing to go the extra mile throughout all phases of development.

The Telit CC864-DUAL-2.5G CDMA 1XRTT and CE910 (CDMA 2.5G 1XRTT) enable Castles to create common hardware and software interfaces that work across all wireless technologies , which were of particular interest to Castles with near-term production dates and approvals from Verizon, Sprint, CrossBridge, Wyless, KORE, Aeris, and Bell.

The Telit CC864-DUAL is a CDMA-1xRTT 3G wireless module. The perfect platform for medium-to-high-volume m2m applications, mobile data and computing devices; the CE910-DUAL is a dual band 1x RTT wireless module designed to have the same form factor of its GSM/UMTS/HSPA/EVDO counterparts of the xE910family, enables
integrators and developers to design their applications once and take advantage of the truly global coverage and service flexibility afforded by the combination of the most prevalent cellular technologies worldwide.

Derick Tsang, President of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region at Telit Wireless Solutions, said:

“The smart payment market is growing as the retail and inventory process is made more efficient by the portable terminal function set. Telit is honored to be working with Castles to meet increasing global demand for high-speed, high-volume electronic payments processing through our leading wireless solutions.”

As industry’s only pure-play m2m, Telit creates value by partnering with customers to provide expert guidance and support from concept development through to manufacturing quickly bringing ideas to market in all application areas including the new “smart” space.  With service enhanced products in cellular, short-range, and satellite-navigation easily bundled through high-level software interfaces, Telit-powered m2m devices cost less to integrate, maintain, operate, and update with lower price points for bundled products and savings translating into competitive advantage at the time of sale and throughout the operating life of the customer device.

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