ThingWorx and Industrial Networking Solutions Partner to Deliver M2M Solutions to the Industrial Marketplace

ThingWorx and Industrial Networking Solutions Partner to Deliver M2M Solutions to the Industrial Marketplace

ThingWorx™ today announced an integration partnership with Industrial Networking Solutions (INS), a leading provider of network products and engineering services for the industrial marketplace.

This partnership will allow INS to offer Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions at minimized cost, risk, and time to market for its customers by utilizing the ThingWorx Platform—the industry’s first application development platform designed to reduce the effort required to build M2M and network applications for the emerging connected world.

With industry leading organizations estimating that the number of Internet-connected devices will reach 50 billion by 2020, companies in many industrial markets are seeing M2M as a new avenue for business growth and sustained revenue. By combining INS’ world-class industrial IT services and solution delivery capabilities with the ThingWorx M2M platform, customers can capitalize on these opportunities and take advantage of a 10X improvement in solution development and delivery for connected applications.

ThingWorx is a revolutionary M2M application platform that INS is excited to be able to offer our customer base.”

Stephen Woram, Founder of INS, said:

“Our new partnership with ThingWorx allows the INS IT Service group to provide a complete M2M solution, assisting our customers in not only connecting remote assets to the cloud, but also in facilitating a secure and reliable data stream between users and remote assets via the Cloud, and developing valuable user interfaces, reporting, and historical data analysis tools for users to manage their remote asset investment.”

INS’s industrial domain expertise and IT services, coupled with the latest in M2M technology offered by the ThingWorx Platform, will help customers capitalize on emerging business opportunities and innovations that are possible through the integration of their connected assets with their business processes. This integrated offering enables customers to rapidly build applications and make business decisions based on data coming from the intelligence at the edge of the network, creating new avenues for business growth and sustained revenue in industrial markets such as oil and gas, consumer product manufacturing, water and wastewater management, and transportation.

We are pleased to be partnering with INS, a well recognized solution provider for M2M solutions in the industrial markets,” said Russ Fadel, CEO and Co-Founder of ThingWorx.
INS represents another important step in the expansion of our ecosystem and will enable ThingWorx-based M2M solutions to be delivered even more efficiently and reliably. We look forward to continued mutual success with INS.”

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